Red Bonny Ambrose (Spud)

Katie Wahlers
Park Hills, MO  63601


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Katie Wahlers

Park Hills MO


Red Roan




brand on hip

Trail, Ranch


Spud is a gorgeous four-year-old registered Red Roan Quarter Horse Gelding standing 15.2 hh.

Spud has been ridden on many trails in Missouri by different age groups and riding skills. He is the horse to take care of her rider(s) and will get you to where you are going safely.

Spud is easily described as an “old soul” and gentle.  He is easy going and caring. He has many trail miles and is unphased by cars, tractors, trailers, livestock, and more. Spud is brave and will go anywhere he is pointed; over logs, creeks, rivers, mud, and so on…… all of this makes him an enjoyable ride for everyone.

Spud has a pleasant and smooth trot and lope and stays at that speed until asked otherwise. He rides alone, trailer, backs out, stands for the farrier, and stands the mounted. He will let you mount from any object. He is soft in the bridle and moves off of your legs as well.  He counter-arch’s, side passes, spins, backs, etc.

Spud has been used in the stockyard to push cattle around. He has cow sense and is a good horse to use for this. He has been roped off of and been used to doctor calf. He is easily a horse you could use every day from cows to easy trail riding. He is easy to ride on the trails. he is laid back.

Spud is a horse that many searches for, don’t miss out on this amazing gelding! If you have any questions regarding Spud, please call anytime.

Katie Wahlers
Park Hills, MO  63601

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