Jared Miller
Strunk, KY 42649


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Tennessee Walking Horse

Jared Miller

Strunk, KY






RF Stocking, LH & RH Stocking, LF Pastern

Camping, Show, Trail riding, Family safe


We proudly introduce Prince, a beautiful 13-year-old black gelding standing 15.2 hands tall. Prince has been an absolute blast to have at my facility. My 7-year-old son has done 90% of the riding. Prince has been there and extremely experienced trail gelding. He has seen every wildlife animal you could imagine on the trail. That includes deer, turkey, bobcats, coyotes, black bears, and elk. He has been ridden all over the Big South Fourth in Kentucky and Tennessee, along with camping trips in Indiana. Prince will go anywhere you point his head and eases across logs, ditches, creeks, and rivers. This big stout gelding truly has a sense of who is on his back. He will ride all day in the front or dog walk in the back with no issues whatsoever. He will be the first to meet you in the pasture and is a big baby in the barn. He is an in-your-pocket type of horse but respects your space. Prince loves to be groomed and bathed. He stands like a true gentleman. He stands to be clipped and stands as still as a mouse for the farrier. This horse is an absolute joy to ride and handle. He stands for mount and dismount with or without a mounting block. I can’t say enough good things about this beautiful horse. Prince is traffic and dog safe, he has been all-around farm equipment, and I’ve ridden him right downtown. He is such a blast to ride. If you have any questions, call Jared.

Winning Offer: $8,111.00

Jared Miller
Strunk, KY 42649

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Highest bidder was: Horserider220

Name Time Offer Auto
Horserider220 01/22/2023 7:01 am $8,111.00
PPD2486 01/22/2023 7:01 am $8,000.00 Auto
PPD2486 01/22/2023 6:47 am $7,910.00 Auto
Horserider220 01/22/2023 6:47 am $7,710.00
PPD2486 01/22/2023 6:29 am $7,507.00
Kedvm 01/22/2023 6:29 am $7,307.00 Auto
Kedvm 01/22/2023 5:57 am $7,306.00
Horserider220 01/22/2023 5:54 am $7,106.00
PPD2486 01/22/2023 5:54 am $7,000.00 Auto
PPD2486 01/21/2023 5:08 pm $6,900.00
Horserider220 01/21/2023 1:22 pm $6,700.00
PPD2486 01/21/2023 12:57 pm $6,500.00
Horserider220 01/21/2023 12:57 pm $6,300.00 Auto
Horserider220 01/21/2023 9:41 am $6,100.00
Connie4031 01/15/2023 1:35 pm $5,900.00
Sparkles 01/14/2023 4:10 am $5,700.00
Connie4031 01/13/2023 9:53 am $5,500.00
CSWasley 01/13/2023 8:03 am $5,300.00
cbellanger 01/13/2023 6:49 am $5,100.00
Connie4031 01/10/2023 10:42 am $4,900.00
meatman 01/10/2023 5:35 am $4,700.00
Connie4031 01/10/2023 5:34 am $4,500.00 Auto
meatman 01/10/2023 5:34 am $4,401.00
Connie4031 01/10/2023 2:45 am $4,201.00
tbredtrain 01/10/2023 2:43 am $4,001.00 Auto
Connie4031 01/10/2023 2:43 am $4,000.00
tbredtrain 01/09/2023 3:19 pm $3,800.00 Auto
Apetite1 01/09/2023 3:19 pm $3,600.00
tbredtrain 01/09/2023 3:19 pm $3,400.00 Auto
Apetite1 01/09/2023 3:19 pm $3,200.00
tbredtrain 01/09/2023 2:57 pm $3,000.00
Sale Started 01/08/2023 2:30 pm
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