Pride’s Grasshopper RLF

Kayla Gothard
Spanish Fork, UT 84660


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Missouri Fox Trotter

Kayla Gothard

Spanish Fork, UT







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natural horsemanship training, trail horse, family horse, versatility horse

Froggie is one of the sweetest Fox Trotters that I have trained. He is gentle and calm by nature and truly adores people, which made training him a breeze.

When people visit our farm, I have noticed that they tend to be naturally drawn to him. Froggie has a kind eye, a warm, friendly presence, and a big personality, so it is hard not to love the sweet boy instantly.

Froggie is an in-your-pocket type of horse. He is one of the cuddliest horses I have owned and will happily let you nap alongside him or stand to be brushed for hours. He loves attention and loves to be pet and hugged.

He has quite a personality. He loves to touch all things soft and fluffy, and for just one cookie, he will even pick up your hat for you.

We have extensively trained Froggie on both the trail and in the arena. He has a solid foundation on the ground- he will move any part of his body when asked (lunge on the line and at liberty, yield his hindquarters, forequarters, side pass toward or away from you, etc.). He will also move any part of his body under the saddle when asked. He side passes, can do a little spin, backs with just the shift of your seat, neck reins, and stops on a dime.

He has been on countless solo trail rides, as well as group trail rides. He will willingly ride anywhere in a group, and he is not a barn or buddy sour.

We have purposely exposed and desensitized Froggie to many things. When he encounters something that he has not seen before, he loves to touch, sniff, (and usually lick) the new object to investigate it.

Froggie is more whoa than go and is big enough for most adult riders. He has a great build and excellent conformation.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment to meet Froggie! I am letting his auction run for about 3 weeks to allow me to have the opportunity to take more video(s) of him.

Kayla Gothard
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

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