Pondtown’s Little Angel SB (Angel)

Bryan Mahoney
Bridger, MT 59014


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Bryan Mahoney

Bridger, MT







Star, right rear sock

Trail, Gaited, Ranch, Arena, Cow horse, Tricks, Natural horsemanship, Bareback


Angel is just about the prettiest horse ever!
Looks aside, she’s terrific in the trail, floats across the ground in the arena, and even likes pushing cows through the pasture. She is always WILLING, loves attention, GENTLE, well trained, with the HEART and MIND to do anything you ask of her. A 6yr old registered Missouri Fox Trotter, she stands 14’2 is well built, good-boned with flawless confirmation. She can carry any size rider all day long.
We bought her as a 3 yr old one. On the first day working with her, we knew she was SPECIAL. Everything was easy; she wants to do whatever you ask of her. We started her with a solid foundation of groundwork, natural horsemanship, and arena training. Angel has been hauled to many different ranches, arenas, Montana mountains, and Midwest forests. She’s experienced long days on the trail with lots of different wildlife and in all kinds of terrain. On the ranch, she’s spent hours behind cows and climbing up and down miles of rocky and steep hills. She has lots of time riding with dogs running around, loud noises, machinery, and traffic.
Angel is RESPONSIVE and light to both hand and leg pressure. She flexes and moves off leg pressure and stays SOFT in the bridle. She rides in everything from a D-ring snaffle to a curb bit, neck rope, halter, and even guides with light pressure from your fingertips. She walks quietly, moves flawlessly into an enjoyable gait, and will step right up to the SMOOTHEST prettiest lope you could ever want. All with a loose flowing rein. She will stop, back, and stand quietly from just your seat. Her transitions between gaits are effortless and comfortable. We even ride her BAREBACK and BRIDLESS.
Angel is a SOLID trail horse. She’s like a mountain goat going up, and down the steepest, roughest areas you can imagine. She goes where you point her and never rushes. She knows how to pick her way through wooded and tight places. She steps right into creeks and loves to take a break with a few sips of cool water. She is SUREFOOTED and CONFIDENT by herself and when others come and go.
We’ve swung a rope off her, drug logs and barrels, and used her to pony other horses and mules. She is excellent with dogs, water, bridges, machinery, traffic, tarps, flags, wildlife, umbrellas, bull whips, four-wheelers, and much much more. Angel gets along with others out in the pasture and is always easy to catch. She stands perfect to saddle, bridle, and mount, and for the farrier. She loads and hauls great. She bathes excellently and will stand quietly tied all day if needed.
She’s truly a PLEASURE to be around. She guides flawlessly, her gait is effortless and smooth, and her lope with that beautiful mane blowing in the wind is like floating on air. Angel is a DREAM horse for the whole family to enjoy for a lifetime of Happy Trails.
Angel comes with a vet pre-purchase exam, Coggins, and health certificate. We can help arrange transportation and will keep her for up to 2 weeks at no charge while transportation is arranged.

*We request buyer be PayPal or Venmo accessible to place a $2000 deposit following the end of the auction. We also ask that the remaining balance be wire transferred by the following business day.

Bryan Mahoney
Bridger, MT 59014

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