Poco DB Jade- Cabarello

Frank Santana
Winterset, IA 50273


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Horse Details

American Quarter Horse

Frank Santana

Winterset, IA







Branded on left Thigh SB/S

Side pass, left or right, backs up, backs up in circle, two steps diagonally to either direction, opens and closes gates, either walks thru gates or backs up through gate to open or close, gather cattle, rate cattle, track cattle and rope cattle, one rein stop, responds to voice commands of walk, trot, canter and whoa. Best trail horse bar none, will cross water, creeks and rivers, surefooted with gentle disposition. Strong horse that will respond to the needs at hand. Confident horse. Hobbles front feet or side feet.


Cabarello is an extraordinary registered AQHA handsome Dun Horse. We have had him since he was 6 months old. He is now 15 years old, the perfect age, and has spent his whole life on a real working cattle ranch and has also been extensively ridden on numerous geographically diverse trails throughout the Midwest, Southwest, and Northern Plains. He can do anything; he can gather cattle, track cattle, rate cattle, and rope cattle on the cattle side. On the trail side, he can take you wherever you want to go; whether an easy desert trail to high mountain peaks, he has done 392 miles of the 800 mile Arizona Trail, he has been ridden at the Grand Canyon, Saguaro National Park, Rincon Mountains, Catalina Mountains, Huachuca Mountains, Santa Rita Mountains, Chiricahua Mountains, many others. Caballero will get into any trailer, two horse straight load, slant load, stock trailer, or trailer full of cattle and he will always back out of any trailer. He has climbed to the Summit of Mt. Graham, Mt. Lemmon, Mt. Wrightson, Miller peak, and Manning Camp. He will cross water, creeks, and rivers. He responds to voice commands of a walk, trot, canter, and whoa. He can side pass left or right, he can back up quickly, he can back up in a circle, he can open and close gates with ease, even backing through to open gates or close gates, does spins, he has a gentle disposition and is very willing, he responds to leg pressure. He two steps and has great lateral and vertical flexion, and does a one rein stop. Has never had any other bridle than a true snaffle bit. Neck reins galore! You can hobble him in the front feet or by side feet. He drives as a team on either side or can be driven as a single. He has perfect conformation, strong legs, and feet, will enter any type of trailer, two-horse straight load, slanted load, or stock trailer, backs out of any trailer with ease. Cabarello has a soft mouth and is very responsive to his cues. At the right age, He will yield to pressure and is very confident, surefooted, and is not afraid of anything. We have ridden and driven him to very busy malls during Xmas to sing Xmas carols. He has been ridden on very busy highways during rush hour with semi-trucks, tractors, combines coming and going; he doesn’t flinch. He has NO bad habits or vices and is sound. He stands tied quietly and calmly for hours if need be. Cabarello is really good-looking and carries himself as the aristocrat that he is. He is 98% foundation-bred Quarter horse. He is a magnificent animal that has thousands of working and trail miles on him, and whoever gets him will have won the great horse lottery! I never thought I’d ever part with this horse, but my health and age had other ideas.” Somebody is going to get real lucky!

Frank Santana
Winterset, IA 50273

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