Rostin Foster
Whitley City, KY 42653


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Rostin Foster

Whitley City, KY


Blue Roan




White Star

Trail riding, Field Trials, Fun Shows


Playboy is a 7-year-old Tennesse Walking Horse gelding standing at 15’2hh and built exceptionally well. Style, looks, color…. And just in time for Christmas! Playboy has a very nice run-walk gear that is smooth as glass while holding a nice, collected headshake. Not only does he have nice show gear, but he will also pick up into a nice 4-beat rack and travel on. Playboy is an absolute blast to ride and easy to sit back and enjoy. If you’re looking for a horse for your friends or sister’s cousin that has never ridden, he is not the horse for you. Playboy has in no way shown us any foolishness. He is just not the type of horse I would turn my grandmother loose on, as he is a horse that you need to sit and ride. This nice gelding stands to be tied, shod, and bathed. Playboy stands for mounting from the ground or a mounting block, will cross the deepest creeks and ditches and climb up steep embankments with ease. We have taken Playboy on overnight camping trips as he stands tied to the trailer or picket line like a gentleman. Playboy is ready to hit the trails with his new owner and get all the attention.

Winning Offer: $7,600.00

Rostin Foster
Whitley City, KY 42653

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Ridertime1

Name Time Offer Auto
Ridertime1 12/18/2022 4:25 pm $7,600.00
Dave Hubbard 12/18/2022 1:38 pm $7,400.00
Sehoy 12/12/2022 11:47 am $7,200.00
Captain Barbosa 12/09/2022 9:44 am $7,000.00
Sehoy 12/09/2022 8:25 am $6,800.00
Cspangler 12/07/2022 10:01 pm $6,600.00
Jsingewald 12/07/2022 5:01 pm $6,400.00
Sehoy 12/07/2022 1:07 pm $6,200.00
Dave Hubbard 12/07/2022 1:06 pm $6,000.00 Auto
Sehoy 12/07/2022 1:06 pm $5,800.00
Dave Hubbard 12/07/2022 12:29 pm $5,400.00
Cspangler 12/07/2022 11:47 am $5,200.00
Jsingewald 12/07/2022 11:47 am $5,000.00 Auto
Cspangler 12/07/2022 11:47 am $4,800.00
Jsingewald 12/06/2022 3:15 pm $4,600.00
Dave Hubbard 12/06/2022 3:12 pm $4,400.00
Jsingewald 12/05/2022 7:36 pm $4,200.00
IslandGirl61 12/05/2022 7:36 pm $4,000.00 Auto
IslandGirl61 12/05/2022 12:35 pm $3,000.00
Sale Started 12/04/2022 6:50 pm
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