Troy Green
Columbia, KY 42728


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Kentucky Mountain

Troy Green

Columbia, KY







Trail ride, Farm , Ranch work, Show


You won’t find many like this guy. Phoenix is a great all-around horse. He is a trail riding partner deluxe and has been shown and used on the farm checking fence, cattle, sheep, and goats; it doesn’t matter to him; he is ready for the job. He is small enough and broke enough for the little guys or big enough for the big guys. The guy riding him. In the video is 5’9 and weighs 200 lbs. he can pack you all day and will ride most big horses on the ground. He’s super sure-footed on the trail, never trips or stumbles really takes care of his rider. He has a perfect 4-beat gait, slow or fast. Stands to mount, bathe, clip, shoe with no issues. Easy to catch, he has worked and driven when he was younger. If you’re looking for a been there done that trail, ranch farm type horse, don’t miss this guy! Phoenix is awesome!

Winning Offer: $6,200.00

Troy Green
Columbia, KY 42728

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Highest bidder was: tiredtaz

Name Time Offer Auto
tiredtaz 09/03/2022 9:35 am $6,200.00
Joe Dismukes 09/03/2022 9:35 am $6,000.00 Auto
Joe Dismukes 09/03/2022 9:22 am $5,700.00 Auto
tiredtaz 09/03/2022 9:22 am $5,500.00
Joe Dismukes 09/03/2022 9:21 am $5,200.00 Auto
tiredtaz 09/03/2022 9:21 am $5,000.00
Joe Dismukes 09/01/2022 10:55 am $4,800.00 Auto
pharlapsue 09/01/2022 10:55 am $4,600.00
Joe Dismukes 08/31/2022 3:23 pm $4,400.00
tiredtaz 08/31/2022 3:23 pm $4,200.00 Auto
tiredtaz 08/30/2022 11:38 am $4,000.00
CRuss 08/30/2022 11:37 am $3,800.00 Auto
tiredtaz 08/30/2022 11:37 am $3,600.00
CRuss 08/30/2022 11:36 am $3,400.00 Auto
tiredtaz 08/30/2022 11:36 am $3,200.00
CRuss 08/30/2022 11:35 am $2,900.00 Auto
tiredtaz 08/30/2022 11:35 am $2,700.00
CRuss 08/30/2022 8:26 am $2,500.00
Sale Started 08/28/2022 6:33 pm
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