Impressive Ego (Pepper)

Jason Leger
Crab Orchard, KY 40419


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Horse Details


Jason Leger

Crab Orchard, KY



Bay Appaloosa




Four white feet, Blaze, Blanket

Trail, Show, Lesson, Western, Cattle


Pepper, also known as “Impressive Ego,” is an outstanding coming 6-year-old registered Appaloosa gelding. Pepper stands at 16 hands tall and has a very athletic, stout build with lots of muscle. Pepper has a few tricks up his sleeve! He knows how to lay down from the ground or while you’re mounted. He will sidestep to a mounting block (or anything) for you to mount him. He will also follow you like a puppy at the command to “come.” He has the sweetest disposition! Pepper has seen and worked all kinds of livestock. We’ve used him to check and move our sheep and cattle and to check fences and pastures as well. We’ve even ponied colts off of Pepper. He has also had many hours of groundwork and work in the round pen. Pepper has a super smooth, rocking horse lope that is the smoothest you’ll find! He takes his correct leads when loping circles, and he can even ride WITHOUT a bridle, working only off of leg cues! Pepper side passes, backs, one-hand neck reins, and has a one-step lope. He’s been trail-ridden hundreds of miles and is an excellent trail mount. He easily rides up and down steep hills through mud, logs, and deep water. We’ve even ridden him through town, where he pays no mind to the commotion. Pepper is truly suitable for almost any level of rider! If you’re looking for a horse that checks all the boxes ☑️ Pepper is your man!

Beautiful ☑️
Broke ☑️
Knows tricks ☑️
Color ☑️
Age ☑️
Registered ☑️
Conformation ☑️
Smart and sound mind ☑️
Safe ☑️
Size ☑️
Disposition ☑️
Rides bridle-less ☑️

The list could keep going! Check out our full video to see what an amazing horse Pepper is!!

Jason Leger
Crab Orchard, KY 40419

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