Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31778


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Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Laura Way

Pavo, GA


Black Tobiano

15.2 1/2



Snip, Tobiano

Trail, bird hunting, BRIDLELESS, show, gentle, Gaited


Sweet Peanut! Pretty, pretty 7-year-old black tobiano gelding standing 15.2 ½ hands tall with the kindest eye and sweetest personality. Peanut is a grade Spotted Saddle Horse that is suitable for just about anyone. Peanut would suit an advanced novice rider to a professional. Peanut has extensive experience as a Plantation bird hunting horse. He has performed all duties and is proficient at handling and scouting dogs as well as carrying inexperienced guests on quail hunts. He is also an outstanding trail horse with many miles. Peanut crosses water, logs, and ditches with ease. He is very sure-footed and has no problem managing his way through thick brush, briers, and down timber. He doesn’t mind crazy bird dogs running all under his feet and jumping in his face or a cubby of quail flying out from under him. He even likes to share the water trough with the dogs on occasion.

Peanut has exceptional training and is SUPER SOFT with a smooth gait and beautiful transition into a lope. He truly is so easy to ride, always soft, and will never pull on the bit! He has extensive training in flexing, bending, and picking up his shoulder. He responds to leg pressure, side passes, one hand neck reins, and lopes both leads on cue. Peanut backs up easily and has a nice stop with a simple “Woah” and sitting back in your saddle. Peanut knows how to park out for easy mounting, plus you can mount and dismount from either side and he will stand perfectly still every time. Peanut is so soft not only can he be ridden in a simple O-ring snaffle, but he can also be ridden just as easily bareback and BRIDLELESS anywhere, even on the trail!!! Peanut has a flashy way of going with beautiful conformation. He has experience carrying the flag, pony parties, kids painting him from head to toe, and relay races. You can swing a rope on him and drag anything from kids to logs. Peanut is good with loud noises, gunfire, balloons, bullwhips, 4 wheelers, and traffic. He is great on the trail with large or small groups and doesn’t get worked up if he gets left behind or if you need to leave the group. He gets along well with other horses and doesn’t mind if another horse follows behind him closely. He will walk on a loose rein or move on if you ask him to.

Peanut is full of personality, loves affection and treats. He will even follow you around slowly at liberty. He stands quietly while tied for hours and is hobble broke. He is a gentleman for grooming, clipping, bathing, and the farrier. He is easy to saddle and takes the bridle gently. He loads and unloads and stands quietly in the trailer. He is easy to catch and is quiet and clean in the stall. Peanut would be perfect for trail riding, quail hunting, club shows, horse games, pony parties, and all kinds of family fun! Peanut is the type of horse you can pull right of the pasture, saddle up, and go ride.

Peanut has been routinely dewormed, vaccinated, routine teeth floating, and shoeing. With Christmas two weeks after the auction ends, we have some transportation options available depending on location.

We require the buyer to be PayPal or Venmo accessible to place a $2000 deposit immediately following the end of the auction. (No exception! Please find a friend or family member to aid in the deposit if not PayPal or Venmo accessible). We require the remaining balance to be wire transferred before the close of the following business day. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to pairing you with the horse of a lifetime.

Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31778

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