Heather Glisson
Hazel, KY 42049


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Heather Glisson

Hazel, KY


Dark Buckskin




Star, two white stockings on back feet

Ride, Driving


Patches is a very sweet 36” 6-year-old paint gelding.
He is truly the perfect pony. He has been on several weekend camping/ trail rides. He will ride all day and keep up with the big horses. He does not mind where he rides in a group. He will be in the front or the back. It does not bother him to ride off alone. He is not worried about what the other horses are doing. He will go up and down hills, cross creeks, jump logs, and go through any rough terrain. He has been ridden many miles on trails and been through many obstacles while still being sure-footed. While on the trail, he has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife, including deer and turkey. He will calmly stand all night on the picket line while camping. Nothing spooks him on the trail or in the campground.
Patches has been hauled to rodeos, ropings, team pennings, and fun shows. My daughter has tied goats off him and used him for the trail class in Little Britches and Jr Rodeos. He is by no means a barrel or pole pony, but he will go through the pattern with ease. He may not be the fastest, but he sure will be the safest. When she is not competing on him, the other kids are riding him around playing. Almost every kid there has ridden Patches at one time or another. He is very comfortable in the arena; the noise from the crown or the announcer does not phase him. He has been exposed to cattle in many different situations; he is not afraid of them. My daughter uses him 2-3 times a week to herd and run out calves and steers in the roping pen. Patches has spent lots of time in the roping pen. They can be roping calves on one side of the pen, and My daughter will be riding him around the other side. He will only go as fast as you ask him to go no matter what is going on around him.
Patches has ridden and drove in traffic and is very traffic safe. He has been driven up and down the road and all over the campground with a cart full of kids. He seems to enjoy pulling a cart and is easy enough for a child to drive. My daughter harnesses him by herself. He is very patient and stands great. Dogs do not bother him, we have several, and it is very normal to him. We have several animals, and he is great with them all.
Patches is a natural with the obstacle course/ trail class. He goes over the bridge, tarps, logs, and jumps. He loves to jump; my daughter jumps him daily. He loves water and bathes. No vices or health issues. His feet are great, and he is trimmed regularly. He is wormed on a regular schedule. He has such a sweet personality; he always wants to be loved on. He follows my daughter around and is usually waiting at the gate for her. She lets him out to run loose in the yard. He is a joy to be around. I believe he is safe for any level child, even a beginner. He will let your little one follow the big horses until the child is confident enough to ride off alone. Then he will definitely take care of them and build their confidence. Patches is very compliant and respectful. He is the safest pony we have ever had. He is not stubborn in any way; he is pretty close to perfect. He will be a great addition to any family. He deserves a wonderful home with a child to love.

Heather Glisson
Hazel, KY 42049

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