Ozarks Strawberry “Evie”

Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Horse Details


Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park

Fort Collins, CO



Red Roan




Star, Stripe

Trail riding, Packing, Mountain horse, Western pleasure, Gymkhana, Roping, Sorting, Jumping, Cross country, Showmanship, Family safe


OZARKS STRAWBERRY (Evie) is a REGISTERED, SAFE, FUN, and EXTREMELY FLASHY red roan mare with looks and brains! She WILL go anywhere you want! She rides bareback, western and English!!!! Evie has been the solid mare from day one, easy, calm, and bombproof. She is such a trailblazer and will go anywhere you point her! from being in town around vehicles, trains, bikes, dogs, crowds, etc.! She loves kiddos and has helped with the lesson program and teaching my little siblings to ride! This mare is seasoned!!! She has done everything from pushing and roping cows to taking kids around the gymkhana patterns, camping, packing, western pleasure to dressage, and even some hunter jumper! She has been around literally everything you could throw at a horse and has taken it with ease; this is the most versatile horse you’ll find! This mare is independent and would gladly spend a whole day just working or hitting the trail to explore. This mare would be an awesome kid and family horse to play around or show on OR a helper on a ranch; whatever the job, she is willing and excited. I’ve hopped on her bareback bridleless and taken her into town without a problem! She loads, ties, bathes, picks feet, and is great for the vet and farrier! We have known Evie for over two years and found her a wonderful home last winter through Thehorsebay, where she went to an older gentleman on a ranch. She ended up not getting used as much as we would’ve hoped and sat for a few months out in the pasture before he brought her back, and we put her to work, she is 100% capable, and we are so excited to find her a family that she will be used more! Come set up a time to come meet this wonderful lady and take her on a test run!
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Thea Bekkedahl/Trysten Park
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Name Time Offer Auto
AlexB 08/29/2023 3:57 pm $5,801.00
Horselady73 08/29/2023 3:56 pm $5,601.00
AlexB 08/29/2023 3:51 pm $5,401.00
Horselady73 08/29/2023 3:50 pm $5,201.00
AlexB 08/29/2023 3:49 pm $5,001.00
Horselady73 08/29/2023 3:49 pm $5,000.00 Auto
Horselady73 08/29/2023 3:47 pm $4,800.00 Auto
AlexB 08/29/2023 3:47 pm $4,600.00
Horselady73 08/29/2023 3:44 pm $4,400.00
AlexB 08/29/2023 2:34 pm $4,200.00
nknott 08/27/2023 7:31 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 08/16/2023 8:44 pm

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