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Horse Details

Rocky Mountain

Wayne, PA







Hind right sock

Gaited, Trail riding, Parade, Natural Horsemanship Training, Dressage/Equitation/Show Prospect.


This Rocky Mountain gelding is the best of two lines…. He has the levelheaded temperament of Choco Doc and the flash and speed of highly regarded Storm Warning offspring!
We offer Wayward Son for sale at the prime of his life. He has had six years invested into training on the trail and now can be yours. “Oskar” has been our family horse and is ridden several times weekly in Valley Forge Park, which is accessible from his boarding barn. He is traffic safe, as he has to walk down a road and under an overpass to go trail riding. He sees bikes, dogs, strollers, and joggers. He has crossed water and bridges, plowed through the snow, tolerates flying kites and remote-controlled airplanes, and is handled through wide open fields and tight technical, rocky trails.
Oskar is usually barefoot but has worn front shoes in hot summer months when the ground is harder on his feet. He stands for the farrier, for bathing, grooming, and tacking. He comes out of the field when you call his name. He is loving, sweet, and appreciates attention from his people.
He has been dressed up for Halloween and paraded around neighborhood streets. He has been handled and longed and whispered by our youngest daughter during Covid, and she is his favorite person. He loves treats when he gets them occasionally.
Oskar is a big boy at 16 H, and he will get you noticed on the trail. He has presence, confidence, and a thick mane that makes him look like Black Beauty reincarnated. He is strong and forward and can go all day. He is not for a timid or beginner rider, and he is not a kick ride. This horse has more under the hood than we generally allow in the groups we ride with. He has an easy, stretchy walk, a nice, collected gait, and a faster pace or canter when asked. If you wanted to move into gaited dressage or working equitation, or the show ring, we believe he would excel at these disciplines. Like most forward horses, he prefers to lead but will follow respectfully.
The only negative thing we can say about this boy is his inclination to be at the top of the herd pecking order. He may become possessive of his herd mates, and he can be protective of his food. He has had some natural horsemanship training and responds well to the lunge line.
We will sorely miss this horse, as he is the second one we owned out of this line, and he is spectacular. We are able to pass him on at a perfect time and in perfect health. Thank you for being interested in Wayward Son – “Oskar.”

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