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Horse Details

Shire Crossbred

Jacksonville, TX






start, strip, snip, socks on hinds

Dressage prospect, English, Western, Trail riding, all around quiet gelding


Oscar is a very handsome four years young big, stout Shire Crossbred gelding and currently stands at 16 hands. Oscar is a very gentle young man and loves to cuddle and get kisses from his human. He has been with us from a yearling on, and we had him gelded just before he turned 2. From a young age on, he has been used to being handled regularly. Oscar has never had a bad experience with a human and therefore loves people and attention. He bonds strongly with his human and is very friendly. Oscar is used to being around many different animals and stands to be groomed and bathed and is great for vet and farrier. Everybody loves this big gentle guy.

Oscar was started under the saddle here with us last winter. He has done a ton of groundwork and has been exposed to all we could think of. From a young age, he learned to trust people, and getting him to ride under the saddle was very easy. Oscar shows a lot of potential for the show ring. He is a smart horse, learns quickly, and retains everything from one day to the next. Oscar is easy to ride and is looking to please and learn. His flashy gaits make him a great prospect for the show ring in the future. He is comfortable to sit to for a big horse, has a naturally very collected canter, and is balanced both ways. He moves off your leg with ease and bends nicely, and stays soft. He also has a natural low headset and a relaxed back. He will trot poles, pop an x-rail, and has started to learn his leg yields. Oscar has met everything we have introduced to him with curiosity, not fear, and he has been around dogs, cars, tractors, ATVs, tarps, balls, umbrellas, poles, noodles, cattle, chainsaws… you name it. He is a very kind, honest, and trusting horse with a great disposition looking for her forever human to finish his training.

Oscar excels at trail riding. He will go out alone or with others without hesitation. We have taken him out on long quiet rides to show him his surroundings, and he loves to ride out. He will go wherever you point him, across fields with cattle, up and down hills, past machinery, through water and wooded areas, down steep ravines… Oscar is naturally surefooted and well-balanced. We love taking our youngsters out in the country when we start them. We also start all our horses out in a halter when we first ride them, so he still rides in a halter and has retained a soft mouth.

Oscar is overall a very respectful and well-behaved horse. He is willing to do anything he is asked and is a quick learner. His sweet personality and young age will make him bond easily with his new owner. Oscar will stand tied all day if you ask him to, and he stands to mount at the mounting block for you to mount from either side.

Don’t miss this big gentle horse who still has his entire life ahead of him. Call Nora at Equestrian Resolutions, LLC, and grab the opportunity to become the owner of Oscar.

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