On The Sly

Jerry Harris


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Jerry Harris

Shelbyville, TN







Strip, 3 stocks, flacks mane and tail.

Trail Obstacles; Broke to cart; Park Out to stand; Trail Riding; Gaited


ON THE SLY is a 6-year-old gelding born on April 26, 2017. Trail broke, and nothing he wouldn’t do when asked. He is extremely smart and learns very fast. He can be the horse you have been looking for as a lesson horse that can be shown as flat shod, obstacle course, extreme cowboy competition, or if you wanted to have him reshod back to a package, he would make an outstanding Academy horse. Sly loves treats and likes to be around people, especially ladies and children. He has been ridden and shown by both. As for learning new obstacles, in less than 10 minutes, he was getting on the stand with no saddle or bridle, just bareback and halter. He is ready to go once he is walked through and shown what to do. He will stand for shoeing and trimming but has been known to slip his halter while standing in cross tie, then stand and look around once the halter is off. Sly will park out to make a great model horse, especially for the amateur and youth classes. He truly is one of a kind that will provide his new owner many thrills on the trail, in a show ring, and sometimes both. The videos show the transformation of On The Sly from a performance show horse to a trail horse and how easy it was. It shows how smart the Deal bloodline is and the versatility of the Tennessee Walking Horse. If you have an apple treat, he will beg you for it once he knows you have it. I’m available for any questions so feel free to ask.

Jerry Harris


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