My Baby Grace

Anna Sutherland
Walnut Grove, MO 65770


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Anna Sutherland

Walnut Grove, MO








Family horse, traffic safe, trail riding, showing, cattle sorting, bareback riding, gaited


My Baby Grace

My Baby Grace, aka “Gracie,” is a 10-year-old black mare that is truly one in a million. Not only does she have the color and conformation everyone is looking for, but she also has the sweetest disposition and training to make someone’s forever dream horse. Gracie has spent countless hours on the trail, working cows, babysitting our kids, showing in horse shows, and an uncountable number of hours have gone into her training. Gracie is so smart and has such a huge personality.
She has the most beautiful gait you could ask for whether you ride with a saddle or-my favorite, bareback! She is totally voice command, and she loves to be talked to. She can be ridden everywhere and through anything! She is used to dogs, cattle, balloons, flags, traffic, water, and children. We have 6 acres in town, so she is used to cars, traffic, heavy equipment moving.

Gracie is always our go-to gal if someone doesn’t know how to ride, wants to ride, or if we need a babysitter for our kids. She is so sweet and patient with our kids. They can crawl all over her, and she will just put her head down and take care of them. She is used to us going out in the pasture and letting kids go for pony rides. Gracie has been shown in the lead line class for years. She is one that my 4-year-old nephew can confidently ride by himself.

Gracie has an extensive show career. She was born and raised by my family, who has ridden and trained Missouri Fox Trotters for over 30 years. We raised both her dam and sire. Gracie has won multiple classes and has been shown in both English and Western tack and Bareback! She has the most beautiful foxtrot and flatfoot walk. She is set in her gaits, and you tell her, and she does it. Youth riders have also shown her because she is so trustworthy.

Gracie also is very cowy. I think she enjoys working with cows. She will cut and sort a cow right there with the best quarter horses. She will pin her ears and go after a cow if you ask her to. You will not find another gaited horse like her!

Gracie willingly picks up all four feet stands quietly for the farrier, clipping and bathing. She loads in the trailer with no issues and backs out perfectly. She is quiet in the stall and is good with other horses turned out in the pasture. She stands without being tied for grooming and to be saddled. She loves attention and wants to be with you at all times. She will be the same horse every time you get on her, even with months off out in the pasture.

Gracie is a beautiful and intelligent horse and is willing to do whatever you ask of her. Check out Gracie’s video to see for yourself how wonderful she truly is.

Anna Sutherland
Walnut Grove, MO 65770

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