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Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Mount Vernon, KY



Black Sabino




Bald face, 2 blue eyes, Four stockings

Lesson, Beginner, Show, Neck Rein, Side pass, Trail, Trail Obstacle


Christmas is right around the corner, and why not treat yourself or your loved ones with the best Christmas present money can buy? Mr PoPo is a gorgeous jet-black registered SSH gelding with just enough chrome to burn your eyes! Pictures do not do him justice. He is a hunk of a blue-eyed bombshell. He is ten years old and a super stout 14.2hh.

Mr. PoPo came from an older lady who had trail-ridden him throughout the United States. She also carried him to dozens of clinics to make him the dream horse he is now. She was the type of lady who always had her horse at local events. Parades, horse shows, you name it, she took Mr. PoPo. She also loved to go out with her husband and help him work cows off Po. Her words were it made her feel like a real cowgirl!!

We were lucky enough to be able to buy this sweet boy several months ago and have loved every minute of it. We have done everything you can think of with him. We have carried him trail riding in several places here in Ky, a few trips to TN, and once to NC. Hauled him to local horse shows and did great with him. Checked and worked cows at a friend’s feedlot. Carried him coon hunting multiple times. Lead dogs and shoot around him. Packed my daughter’s first deer out of the woods with him. Rode through several towns. Rode him in both indoor and outdoor arenas. Even rode him right beside a moving train. Plus, all the day-to-day riding and using we do here. He has been fantastic, a true unicorn. Everyone in the family has logged several miles with him. But he has been my youngest daughter’s baby. She grooms him out daily. Turns him out and catches him up by herself. Saddles and bridles him by herself and rides him all over the farm by herself. He has taken the best care of her.

When I think of how to describe Po, the short answer is he is built and colored like a QH, Rides around like a QH but is amazing gaited!! That’s simply him. He is round and stout. Neck reins around the very best!! Gives off pressure, good woah, backs with ease, side passes both ways, and the best short lope you will ever sit. He’s a gaited horse you can ride and work around the farm. He handles it like a dream. Very easy to catch. Quiet in the cross ties. Saddles and bridles easily. Always stands dead still to be mounted. He walks along slowly and easily, head down on a loose line. Has a super smooth flat walk and running walk. Will pick up both his leads at a lope. He rides the same at home as he does anywhere else. He doesn’t have to have a buddy to go, but doesn’t care to follow along either. He is very confident and loves his job; most importantly, he loves people. He wants to please.

Po is great in traffic and around farm equipment. Wildlife and livestock safe. One of the best trail horses you will ever lay a leg over. Extremely sure-footed. Go anywhere, do anything you ask, type horse. If you want to make someone happy this Christmas, even if it’s yourself, Mr PoPo would make the Grinchiest of Grinches get in the holiday spirit. Please feel free to call or text with any questions and schedule a time to meet this sweet boy. We are located in Mount Vernon, Ky.

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