Madisen Kiernan
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Horse Details

American Paint Horse

Tried N' True Horsemanship

Fort Collins, CO


Sorrel/White Tovero





Beginner Safe, Ranch and Trail, English and Jumping


Mozzy truly is an extraordinary trail gelding safe for anyone! He is the type you can halter, hop on bareback and go! This guy never misses a beat and will crawl through trees and tight crevasses, hike over boulders and staircases, swim through rivers, trudge through pounds; he brings saying “point and shoot” to life for wherever you point him, he will go. Mozzy also has a fearless factor; he has seen it all and never backs down or shies away. From semi-trucks to motorcycles and even trains, as well as strollers, bikes, and anything else you’d see on a trail, Mozzy has already seen it. Deer running out of the brush in front of you, Mozzy won’t care. If a dog comes up behind him barking, Mozzy won’t care. If a plastic bag blows across the arena, Mozzy won’t care. Mozzy is great with livestock and has also been exposed to cattle. I have thrown a rope off him, drug logs, and ponied other horses. He will carry a flag or really anything you’d like him to carry. Mozzy is also great with kids and has had all levels of riders on him. Mozzy also gets along great with other horses, and your farrier will love him! He is truly in your pocket and one of the sweetest gentlemen out there. If you want something you can trust that doesn’t need a warmup and is good with time off, who is the same horse every day, all year long, that’s Mozzy!!! He’s the whole package with a big heart, loud color, and the perfect age with his entire life ahead and years of experience behind him.

Madisen Kiernan
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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