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Racking Horse

Plantersville TX


Available Soon (RHBAA)






Trail, Competitive Trail, Show, Lesson. Camping


Moonshine is a coming 5-year-old racking gelding standing at 14.3h. He has been ridden extensively on trails. He loves water, scales ravines, crosses wood bridges, and will climb up on about anything you ask. He is sure foot while carrying you through rough terrain. Moonshine can ride out alone or with others. He will lead and ride in the back or middle. He will willingly peel off from the group, ride off, and return to the group in a gentlemanly fashion. If he approaches something he is unsure of, he will stop and wait for reassurance from the rider and then move on. He is used to dogs running around us on trails. If we encounter unknown dogs running and barking at us, he stays calm and continues moving on with a bit of voice reassurance. We have camped for several days at a time. No issues with trailering. He loads and backs out of the trailer. He has never had an issue with eating and drinking on trips; his appetite is always great.   Excellent ground manners, including bathing. No problems with spraying with grooming products or fly spray.

Ridden by novice riders, Moonshine has been used for lessons with a very tolerant demeanor. Less you know, the slower Moonshine will walk. Once he feels the rider showing confidence, he will ride at their level. He has never runoff and will walk all day. Moonshine will step-up upon being asked and return to a walk at your request. Moonshine has a great mind on him, but he also is beautiful. He catches everyone’s eye for his great looks and gentlemanly ways. As a trainer and an avid trail rider, I saw his wonderful potential the first time I met him, and he did not disappoint. I choose Moonshine for my trail fun or to help train new horses to the trail, any chance I get.


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