Mississippi Revival (Hershey)

Judy M Benjamin
Seymour, MO 65746


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Horse Details

TWH/Racking Horse

Judy M Benjamin

Seymour, MO







Brown nose

Racking, Trail, Gaited, Parks out, Lesson, Single Footed


Mississippi Revival, his barn name is Hershey. He is a 9-year-old Bay, Tennessee Walking, Racking, Single Footed Horse. He is standing at 15.1 hands. Mississippi Revival has been registered with the Racking Horses Breeders Association of America.

It is hard to find everything in one horse.  This is the closest you’ll get.  Great charisma, kind, character, calm, great ride, and gorgeous all in one horse.  He truly is one of a kind.  Hershey’s kind, gentle personality will steal your heart. He is an “In Your Pocket” kind of horse. He is a calm-natured horse. He captures your attention and turns your head while grazing, gaiting, or running with his head and tail outstretched to the barn. He is easy to catch in the stall or a pasture. He walks right up to you without grain. Earlier today, I went out in the pasture and called to him, with no grain, and he came running to me and then just stood there beside me with his face close to mine, and he stayed there as I petted him. He was everyone’s favorite at the previous boarding facility and was used for lessons. The girls cried when he was loading and called days after to ensure he was okay and in good hands. He stands still while mounting and parks out very easily, and keeps that stance even after you mount. He’s got a lot of go, but not uncontrollable, only when you ask him he can do it, and he has a fantastic whoa.  He is easy on the mouth. Just a great well balanced, level-headed horse. He has no vices or any hidden reasons why he is being sold. He is one you can feel safe getting on and enjoying the ride. He is not herd bound and rides out great with other horses or by himself. He does excellent being at the front of the group, middle, or back. He will cross logs and creeks and loves the water, and is very comfortable in an arena or out on a trail. I did not have an arena at this facility but is able to side pass along a wall or the length of the arena.  He loads easily, and it is a treat to watch how he steps right in without a ramp, “No Problem.” He is very calm; he doesn’t get nervous about being there and hangs out with you till he is tied. From the video, you will see that he is not skittish around dogs, barking, growling, or just hanging off his tail. He stands excellent for saddling; no problem, even if the blanket or saddle falls. He will cross bridges, and in the picture of him on a bridge, there is water gushing under it. He stands excellent for grooming and is a farrier’s dream. At the end of his last shoeing, the farrier used an electric grinder to polish the hoofs, and he didn’t even flinch; he stood perfect. He has had a pre-purchase exam and passed with flying colors with a perfect bill of health. He is a heart jerker. When you take him to your next racking event or trail ride, he will turn heads with his long-flowing mane and head held majestically and with his sweet personality. He is a keeper and one that will be your heart-horse with no regrets.  I wish he didn’t have to sell him, but I am not the owner.  There will be tears shed when he leaves this barn also.


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Judy M Benjamin
Seymour, MO 65746


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jl ray 05/13/2022 6:15 pm $7,000.00 Auto
jl ray 05/04/2022 8:11 pm $6,400.00
RanchAguiar 05/04/2022 4:39 pm $6,200.00
jl ray 05/04/2022 4:30 pm $6,000.00 Auto
RanchAguiar 05/04/2022 4:30 pm $5,900.00
jl ray 05/04/2022 3:20 pm $5,700.00 Auto
RanchAguiar 05/04/2022 3:20 pm $5,500.00
jl ray 05/04/2022 3:20 pm $5,200.00 Auto
RanchAguiar 05/04/2022 3:20 pm $5,000.00
jl ray 05/04/2022 3:20 pm $4,800.00 Auto
RanchAguiar 05/04/2022 3:20 pm $4,600.00
jl ray 05/04/2022 3:19 pm $4,400.00 Auto
RanchAguiar 05/04/2022 3:19 pm $4,200.00
jl ray 05/03/2022 9:19 am $4,000.00
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