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Giceli Martin
Gillsville GA 30543
(678) 524-5204


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Kentucky Mountain

Giceli Martin

Gillsville GA






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Show horse, parade, trail, ranch versatile, beginner safe, husband safe, traffic safe, etc...

Lord have mercy!!! I don’t even know where to start in telling you about this handsome boy! I owned Memphis about 6yrs ago, he was handsome and sweet then, and he is twice that now!!! His owner’s husband got a job promotion and was not able to take him with them. How lucky am I? Not as lucky as you’ll be to own him next as I can’t keep them all!!!
Memphis came back to me early fall, and he is absolutely a pleasure to be around, riding, love on, even to look at! Memphis stands for the farrier, to bath, to mount (will park out to mount as well) loves attention, easy to clip, etc… he loves to trail ride, traffic safe, all sorts of livestock safe! Memphis is that type of horse that looooves to cover some ground, so if you are the type of rider that looooves to ride, he will be great for you! He will neck rein, and side pass will open gates and sort cows! He is up to date on all his shots and teeth done. Are you ready to become the next lucky person to own Memphis??? Call or text if you have any other questions about him!

Current offer: $7,100.00

Contact Seller For More Information
Giceli Martin
Gillsville GA 30543
(678) 524-5204

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Item condition: New

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Ending On: 05/23/2021 7:00 pm

Timezone: America/Chicago

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Tefoust 05/18/2021 8:36 pm $7,100.00
Rob72 05/18/2021 8:36 pm $7,000.00 Auto
Rob72 05/18/2021 6:02 pm $6,900.00
Tefoust 05/17/2021 8:13 pm $6,700.00
Rob72 05/17/2021 8:13 pm $6,500.00 Auto
Tefoust 05/17/2021 8:13 pm $6,400.00
Rob72 05/17/2021 5:56 pm $6,200.00 Auto
Tefoust 05/17/2021 5:56 pm $6,000.00
Rob72 05/12/2021 5:39 pm $5,800.00 Auto
CMason 05/12/2021 5:39 pm $5,600.00
Rob72 05/12/2021 5:35 pm $5,200.00 Auto
CMason 05/12/2021 5:35 pm $5,000.00
Rob72 05/10/2021 7:53 pm $3,900.00 Auto
GoodWitch52 05/10/2021 7:53 pm $3,700.00
Rob72 05/05/2021 6:03 pm $3,500.00
Sale Started 05/03/2021 9:38 pm

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