Alen’s Boys Knight Out (Lux)

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Alec Maddox
Highland, Utah 84003
(801) 404-6337


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Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Alec Maddox

Salt Lake City, UT






Solid head, white at withers down left shoulder, four white socks.

Parking, gaiting, trail riding


Lux is a gorgeous 10-year-old spotted saddle horse. Just enough white to make him flashy. His base coat is the nicest buttermilk buckskin with lots of black points. His tail and mane are thick and long. He has a nice kind eye with a very keen head. His markings are amazing, and people always compliment Him. He might be the sweetest horse we’ve owned. Lux does not know how to panic. He is always kind and patient. He has a very solid mind and can connect that with his trail skill set. He stands an honest 15’3 and has a very solid build. He has great feet, currently shod with keg shoes. Lux will saddle, bridle, mount from both sides. He loves people. He will catch you in any size field. He’d rather be with people than pasture friends. Clean vet check and no health issues. He is fun to be around. He loves to trail ride but also likes to be fussed with inside the arena. He stays interested even with mundane tasks. We’ve ridden him on the streets, and he does well. On the trail, he’s been exposed to everything from snow, rivers, wildlife, bogs, bikes, bridges, motorcycles, and steep mountain climbs and descents. He will park out to mount or use a block. I would rate him in the middle of the herd mindset. He gets along with other horses. He’s not a pushy horse with food. He will walk a slow walk all day. He will hold a 4 beat gate all day.
He’s in shape and ready to ride. Our temperatures are still in the ’30s at night, so he still has some shedding to go. We have camped, hobbled, high lined, and he’s a treat to be with. If you’re looking for a new friend, Lux might be your horse.

Contact Seller For More Information
Alec Maddox
Highland, Utah 84003
(801) 404-6337

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