Lemon Drop

Nora Stevens
Jacksonville, TX 75766


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Equestrian Resolutions, LLC

Jacksonville, TX






Star, Strip, Snip

Trail horse deluxe, Ring Western / English, Obstacles, All around fun and safe.


Here is a chance to own an amazingly beautiful palomino gelding with a unique palomino coloring. Lemon Drop is a very handsome 6-year-old palomino Quarter Horse grade gelding and stands at 15.1 hands. Lemon is a very friendly horse and bonds quickly. He is looking for his own person to love on him, and once he knows who his owner is, he will strongly bond with that one person, making them feel exceptional. Lemon Drop is well-behaved on the ground and stands patiently to be groomed, bathed, tacked, etc. – he loves the attention. Once he trusts you, there is nothing he won’t let you do.

Lemon Drop is a pleasure to ride ring and trail and rides the same whether you ride him daily or once a week. He has been a fun horse to work with. Lemon is extremely well-behaved and respectful. Any new things he encounters, he meets with curiosity, not fear. Lemon Drop is used to being around many different animals and has been ridden Western and English and has been on many long trails rides up and down hills, through fields with cattle, up and down ravines, and through water and deep woods. He will go wherever you point him. Lemon excels at trail riding and loves to venture out on the ranch with his human. He is a nice, light ride with comfortable gaits and will stay quiet on a loose rein. He goes in a snaffle, hackamore, or even halter. He is a quiet horse that makes you feel safe on his back. Lemon is so respectful he will back up in a halter too. He knows his job, and you can sit back and go for a ride; his canter is particularly nice, and he has a nice floaty yet comfortable trot with potential for the show ring with further training. You won’t have to ask him twice for anything. He goes relaxed and balanced with a natural steady rhythm. He is willing to do anything he asks and moves around your leg lightly. Lemon has been exposed to everything you could imagine, including dogs, cars, tractors, ATVs, chainsaws, tarps, balls, umbrellas, cattle, poles, tire obstacles, etc. – nothing bothers him. Lemon Drop loads and unloads in the trailer with ease and will stand tied all day. He rides off property the same as at home. He also stands at the mounting block perfectly or when you mount from the ground. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this wonderful horse. Call Nora at Equestrian Resolutions, LLC:

Winning Offer: $6,201.00

Nora Stevens
Jacksonville, TX 75766

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Steve Butherus

Name Time Offer Auto
Steve Butherus 08/14/2022 7:04 am $6,201.00
Fennell43 08/14/2022 7:02 am $6,001.00
Steve Butherus 08/14/2022 7:02 am $6,000.00 Auto
Steve Butherus 08/14/2022 6:58 am $5,800.00 Auto
Fennell43 08/14/2022 6:58 am $5,600.00
Steve Butherus 08/14/2022 6:04 am $5,400.00 Auto
Fennell43 08/14/2022 6:04 am $5,200.00
Steve Butherus 08/14/2022 4:56 am $5,000.00 Auto
Troyvick 08/14/2022 4:56 am $4,800.00
Steve Butherus 08/14/2022 4:13 am $4,600.00 Auto
Troyvick 08/14/2022 4:13 am $4,400.00
Steve Butherus 08/12/2022 4:57 am $4,200.00 Auto
ChristyHorserider 08/12/2022 4:57 am $4,000.00
Steve Butherus 08/09/2022 12:49 pm $3,800.00 Auto
ChristyHorserider 08/09/2022 12:49 pm $3,600.00
Steve Butherus 08/08/2022 3:09 pm $3,400.00
Jamieoaks89 08/08/2022 8:39 am $3,200.00
JamesRay2717 08/07/2022 7:51 pm $3,000.00
Sale Started 07/31/2022 8:08 pm
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