Lady Whimsey


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Strafford MO








Trail Riding, Gaited, Shooting while mounted, Traffic Safe


This is Lady Whimsey, and she is one Beauty To Behold. She stands 15.3 hands and is very muscular built. She is an excellent trail horse. She has an incredibly smooth gait that you can glide down the trail on. She also has a fantastic canter that is so much fun. She is a friendly and personable horse, and if she sees you in the pasture, she will walk right up to you for attention. She stands calm and patient to be tied, groomed, and bathed. She is excellent for the farrier. She will load and back out of any trailer that you ask her to. If you would like to see what an outstanding horse Lady is. Please take a look at her video. I promise you there will never be a dull moment. You will see her standing like a statue with no halter and bareback while I shoot balloons, stand on her waving a tarp, and twirl a large umbrella. You will see her riding by fire, semis passing her, riding thru the lake, dragging a six ft. tall float, riding thru open fields in her amazing gait and canter, and much more. You will also see a man riding her thru the trails and across the rivers while she carries him Safely and effortlessly through it all. Lady is the type of horse that you can look a lifetime for. You will not want to miss out on such a rare find. You are welcome to come and ride Lady for yourself and see what a wonderful horse she is.

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