Lady May

Brandon Ferguson
West Liberty, Ky 41472


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Horse Details

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Brandon Ferguson

West Liberty, KY


Chestnut Sobino




Bald Face, Whorl, Roan As Marked

Gaited, Trail, Safe


What sets this mare apart from the rest, you ask…? Where do I begin?
The obvious, unique markings stand out. She’s absolutely a 10/10! Her ground and barn manners are an A+. Lady May is not marish and gets along with other horses. She bathes and loads with no problem. Fly spray doesn’t bother her. Put her in cross ties and picket lines with ease. This is just the beginning of her greatness.
Lady May is surefooted and careful out on the trails and will take great care of whoever is lucky enough to be riding her. She is quiet and willing and will go wherever you point her, whether that be over logs, across creeks, up and down steep hills as you can see in the videos, or just for a fun ride across the pasture! Walk along on a loose rein or step her up into her super smooth gait. She even has nice speed when asked. Her gait is equal in speed or more than her lope, but she will lope as well.
Lady May has been ridden this summer by my 9-year-old son, who’s a very timid rider. She’s had all types of riders on her, from young ladies, older men, and women, and has been a pleasure for all of them. She has traveled the main highways to country roads and has familiarized herself with those surroundings. From cars to trucks and tractors to ATVs, she’s seen just about all there is to see.
Lady May can be ridden alone or in a group. While in a group, she can be ridden front, middle, or back with the same attitude in all three areas. Ride off and leave her by herself, and she’s the same horse, pecks right along doing her job. Lady May doesn’t get concerned with where the other horses have gone to. She would be a great confidence booster for someone needing a little nudge, guest horse, husband horse, young rider, old rider, see a pattern here? If you can get on her, hold the reins and talk to her, your good to go!
Needing a WOW factor for the Saturday night shows? This gal will get the job done, bringing home the blues. Wherever you go, you’ll be getting there in SMOOTH STYLE!!
Get registered to bid because these mares are few and far between, don’t let her get away!!
Come and meet the fabulous Lady May for yourself and see what all the hype is about!


Brandon Ferguson
West Liberty, Ky 41472

SOLD FOR $7200.00

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Item condition: New

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Auction expired without reaching reserve price

Highest bidder was: Sue

Name Time Offer Auto
Sue 11/28/2021 9:58 am $7,200.00
RLT 11/28/2021 9:58 am $7,000.00 Auto
RLT 11/28/2021 9:56 am $6,900.00 Auto
Sue 11/28/2021 9:56 am $6,700.00
RLT 11/28/2021 9:35 am $6,500.00
Sue 11/28/2021 9:35 am $6,300.00 Auto
Sue 11/28/2021 9:27 am $6,200.00
RLT 11/28/2021 9:27 am $6,000.00 Auto
RLT 11/28/2021 8:15 am $5,900.00
Sue 11/28/2021 8:15 am $5,700.00 Auto
Sue 11/28/2021 7:42 am $5,300.00
RLT 11/24/2021 11:10 pm $5,100.00
Angkk 11/24/2021 11:10 pm $5,000.00 Auto
Angkk 11/24/2021 3:22 pm $4,900.00 Auto
rafaela500 11/24/2021 3:22 pm $4,700.00
Angkk 11/24/2021 11:04 am $4,500.00
RLT 11/18/2021 6:44 am $4,300.00
tonykerri 11/18/2021 2:58 am $4,100.00
Annalee0315 11/15/2021 5:59 pm $3,900.00
RLT 11/12/2021 9:06 am $3,700.00
Sue 11/12/2021 3:27 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 11/10/2021 10:26 am

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