Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, Co 80535


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Horse Details

Warmblood Cross

Totonka Trail Equine

Fort Collins, CO


Leopard Appaloosa




True Leopard Spots

Cross Country, Arena, Trails, Cattle, Lesson Horse, Babysitter


Jude is as perfect as a horse can be. We really took our time videoing with this guy over the last year, trying to capture several different states. He was a trooper on the road, eating and drinking. Great on high lines and hobbled. Always ready for a new adventure and so willing. I can’t stress how willing this gentleman was at everything we showed and introduced to him. He is amazing at the ranch on cattle, fearless on the cross country course, a true BABYSITTER for anyone on the trails, fun in the arena, and a real pleasure to be around. You can ride this guy any way you desire, from bareback to English and western. He is a true all-around horse, fun for the entire family, and safe enough for children and husbands. He is in your pocket; catch him in the pasture, no problem. He gets along with everything, even during feeding time. He loads and unloads as one should. He is great for the dentist, veterinarian, Farrier, and grooming/tacking. He is always sound, with no maintenance and no lameness issues whatsoever. He is sure-footed on an uneven ground out on the course. He will climb and take you up and down the roughest terrain possible. This gentleman will go any direction you desire to finish him in vaquero, dressage, 3-day eventing (he has the stamina, endurance, and athleticism), lesson horse, Ranch horse, or babysitting on the trail. He leads or follows, and of course, he rides out alone. He has no spook, as seen in the video. We are really excited to see where he lands in his new home. He will be the barn favorite and your new best friend! We will be posting more videos during the auction so stay tuned.

Here at Totonka Trail Equine, we have been blessed, so we thought we would take the time to return the favor. We chose 2 top horses that are super special and wonderful at what they do and talked it over a few months now with Zackery and Kay Stevens, owners of Thehorsebay, about giving back to the community. So, we’ve decided to team up and offer two horses annually for donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Ronald McDonald’s House Charities. 50% of the profit will be donated to each charity. These two charities help many families and children as they helped mine. They are dear to my heart due to my family’s personal experience with my sister. She was diagnosed with cancer, and both establishments were professional and helpful. Sadly, the battle was too great. But the bigger picture is how hard they work for the children and their families and the many success stories they produce! Jude is for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. We will post a picture of the check being sent to each charity. I will also set up an account for donations, showing that the Equine community cares. 100% of donations will also be sent to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. We strive to offer some of the finest equines here at Totonka Trail Equine, and it has been a blessing to work with Thehorsebay on this project. Let’s share this with everyone and show the world the HEART of the equine community! Let’s help these children and show them we care, and maybe strike some new dreams of their own, hopefully helping to build some future equestrians as well.

Delivery is available anywhere In the USA and internationally.
Payment will be expected the next business day via wire transfer. I will have an account set up to donate to the cause. Call me for details.

We thank you in advance from Totonka Trail Equine and TheHorsebay.com! We are really excited to see how much noise the Equine community can make! Feel free to call or text.

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, Co 80535

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