Jolly Jumper (a.k.a JJ)



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Horse Details

Tennesee Walker

Cumberland, Virginia







Trail, Camping, Obstacle Course, Western Dressage


Beautiful, stout, 9-year old Palomino, 15.2 hands, unregistered Tennessee Walker gelding with Western Dressage training in his talent/skills portfolio. Besides his smooth, very collected flat walk, JJ can also drop his head below the saddle horn, help you open a gate, and mosey on down the trail with his Quarter horse friends on a loose, one-handed rein with no issues. He crosses bridges, creeks, bogs, and steps over logs and tree fall with no problems. JJ is hard to beat on his trail obstacle training, and he does some pretty impressive ground pole work too. His lateral work almost makes you forget that he’s a Tennessee Walker! He is ridden on a snaffle bit or a simple western shank. His mouth is feather soft and light. JJ stops and will do a beautiful collected back up either two reined or one reined, depending on what you prefer. He will turn on haunches, turn on forehand, and cross side to side over poles. JJ is super easy to load/unload, stand for farrier/vet, tie/saddle, bath, clip. This horse loves people and attention. He will come straight to the gate when he sees you. JJ is up to date on everything, sound, safe, and ready to go to someone ready to partner with this wonderful creature. JJ has been horse camping, done many miles on trails in the woods, done beach rides, and has spent many hours doing basic arena work. He will one-rein stop, stand at the mounting block, stump, or picnic table for you to get on and off. He has been through hours of desensitization training, so there is not much that rattles this guy. He’s ok with the normal stuff (i.e., dogs, cars, trucks, people, loud noises, other horses, etc.) and ok with speed boats on lakes near him on the trail, motorcycles, ambulances, police cars, and trains). You decide what you want to do with him, and he will do it. If he doesn’t know how to do something, he’s so curious and smart that he will figure it out if you are patient and are a good coach. This boy is a big strong guy with intelligence, a big motor, and a huge heart. He has not been abused, beat up, or neglected. JJ is not a 90-day training turn-around. A lot of time, skill, and effort has gone into his training. This horse is quite used to a soft hand, kind/consistent discipline, and a quiet, confident rider. Please call if you have questions about JJ.


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