JA Generating Sand Storm (Casper)

Victoria Imbesi
Estell Manor, NJ 08319


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Briardale Farms

Estell Manor, NJ






Blaze; Whorl below eye level; Blue right eye; Four Stockings

Gaited, Trail,


JA Generating Sand Storm (Casper) is a 6 year old registered Tennessee Walking Horse. He is an excellent trail riding horse. He has the ability to hold his fast walk for miles and not change his tempo unless you ask him. He will easily go into a canter when you ask, and go right back to his wonderful gait. His gait is smooth as silk. It does not matter if you ride him with a snaffle, curb, halter, string he will give you his best gait at all times. He never pulls on the reins but as soon as you ask him, he can move. He is very surefooted, he takes his time when he is on uneven ground rather than rushing through as many horses tend to do. I trust him completely on rough terrain. He rides out alone or with the group. He is happy to be the lead horse, in the middle, or the last horse he doesn’t care, he’s happy to just be out riding with you. As you can see in video, you can just hop on Casper and go! He is an all-around easy, fun horse to ride.

He is my favorite horse to watch in the pasture because he is the most curious and fun loving horse in the herd. He loves other horses and forces them to play with him.  Even though he loves being with his friends he is unique in that he has no problem leaving them to go out for a ride. He is always the first one to come running to you, even when its 95 degrees and 90% humidity. He truly loves people, when you’re with him, he won’t even look back at his friends and he’ll stay by your side. He is used to 2 Great Danes and has been used to herd goats.
I wish I had more time to spend with him because I know he will be a great trick horse.  His curiosity makes him a very fun horse to be around. He loves picking up lead ropes, hoses, halters, hats, etc. on his own. He thrives off of your attention and is constantly looking to please you.
He is currently barefoot and can go over rock/ gravel with no problem. He does hold shoes nicely and lasts for a solid 8 weeks.

Victoria Imbesi
Estell Manor, NJ 08319

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