Hotshot Huckleberry

Sonja Sublett
Rogersville MO 65742



Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Sonja Sublett

Rogersville, MO



14 hh



left rear pastern

Classical riding, trail riding


HOTSHOT HUCKLEBERRY (aka – “Huck”) is a seven-year-old gelding, 14 hands, golden palomino, registered Missouri Fox Trotting Pony. “Huck” lives up to his name with plenty of confidence and courage in every category that is important in a personal riding horse.

COLOR — amazingly beautiful, golden palomino body with pure white, flowing mane and tail. (see video and pictures)

CONFIRMATION — Spot on the conformation standards of the Missouri Fox Trotting Pony Registry. (see video and pictures)

GAIT —collected Walk, Flatfoot Walk, collected trot, collected canter, working Canter with smooth transitions between gaits, also backs up willingly. (see video)

TEMPERAMENT — fantastically calm, friendly and people-loving, easy-going, and willing to perform a multitude of tasks. ( see video)

EXPERIENCE –– Trails in Colorado and Missouri, easy-going trail rides in almost every possible environment, water crossing, Fishing from the saddle, riding alone and in groups, equine companion with body control. ( see video)

TRAINING — Expertly trained by Sonja Sublett for 2 years. Sonja Sublett is a well-known Trainer of Missouri Fox Trotting Horses for showing, trail riding, and for equine companions. Her training methods include natural horsemanship training, training in developing the correct and natural gaits for each individual horse, and sensitivity training of each individual horse for almost every environment the horse will see in their lifetime. Sonja also uses Classical horse training methods that go back hundreds of years and are still used today in training Classical performance horses around the world. “Huck” is a superb example of these training methods and natural abilities.

SUITABILITY FOR RIDERS — “Huck” shines beautifully in this category also. He has been trained by Sonja to be a calm and fun riding horse for anyone to enjoy. As a result, “Huck” is suitable for even a beginner who is willing to take a few lessons on communicating with a well-trained horse using hands, legs, and seat. For an experienced horse person, “Huck” will provide a pleasurable ride, he should remain their personal riding horse and lifetime partner.

PEDIGREE: Sire “Southern Sunrises Hotshot” was named one of the top five breeding sires in 2018. He is a direct son of “Southern Sunrise” who was inducted to the hall of fame in 2014. “Southern Sunrise” has produced more champions than any other sire in the history of the MFTHBA. “Southern Sunrises Hotshot” is the leading sire of the MFTHBA Pony Registry.

“Huck’s” owner is now ready to let him go to provide a positive riding experience for many different levels of riders. “Huck” is willing to deliver a positive attitude towards any task acquired of him. “Hotshot Huckleberry” is an outstanding gelding that is ready to deliver many happy trails.

Sonja Sublett
Rogersville MO 65742

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