Trevor Douglas
Strunk, Ky 42649


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Trevor Douglas

Strunk, KY






Blaze, 4 stockings, White on Neck

Trail, Field trial, Work, Packing, Show


I would like to introduce homer he is a 13 year old Missouri fox trotter gelding he is a super nice gelding we have trail rode this gelding all over Kentucky and Tennessee he has packed deer out of the woods for us as well if you’re looking for a big stout gelding that you can trail ride and take to your local fun show and win blue ribbons with look no further here, he is.

Feel free to call or text to set up a time to come check homer out.

Payment is to be sent money wire from bank to bank with in one business day after the sale ending.

We can arrange shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Winning Offer: $6,600.00

Trevor Douglas
Strunk, Ky 42649

Make an Offer by Phone- Please Contact Thehorsebay

Item condition: New

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Auction has expired

Highest bidder was: KLottis

Name Time Offer Auto
KLottis 05/30/2023 1:55 pm $6,600.00
Birddog 05/30/2023 1:20 pm $6,400.00
KLottis 05/30/2023 1:17 pm $6,200.00
Birddog 05/30/2023 1:15 pm $6,000.00
KLottis 05/30/2023 1:14 pm $5,800.00
Birddog 05/30/2023 1:10 pm $5,600.00
KLottis 05/30/2023 1:05 pm $5,400.00
Birddog 05/30/2023 11:39 am $5,200.00
Cille 05/30/2023 11:39 am $5,000.00 Auto
Birddog 05/30/2023 11:39 am $4,900.00
Cille 05/30/2023 11:30 am $4,700.00
J_erica96 05/28/2023 8:45 am $4,500.00
Birddog 05/22/2023 2:49 pm $4,300.00
paulandginnie32 05/22/2023 2:47 pm $4,100.00
Birddog 05/22/2023 2:22 pm $3,900.00
paulandginnie32 05/20/2023 6:09 am $3,700.00
Callen 05/18/2023 11:23 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 05/17/2023 6:41 pm
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