Tad Brown
Citronelle, AL 36522


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Tad Brown

Citronelle, AL







Trails, Gentle


Holly is a Beautiful 10 yr old Haflinger Mare. She is the sweetest Horse on the farm. She Will follow you around the barn all day. Catch her anywhere in the pasture. She rides very well in a group or alone. Gets along with other Horses great. She is in a mixed herd now with eight minis, some goats, and a pig. She has a pretty good handle. Of course, we have only been using her for trail riding. I have been working on her neck reign. Holly is good for the farrier and to saddle up. Has great feet. Our 8 yr old rides her most of the time, as you can see in the video. Absolutely NO bite, No kick or buck. Not a mean bone in her body. Holly has never been bred that we know of.

All in all, she is a really kind and gentle Horse. She Will make you a lifelong trail partner. You will not be disappointed with this one. Did I mention she is Beautiful?

Winning Offer: $5,500.00

Tad Brown
Citronelle, AL 36522

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Highest bidder was: 3colormane

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3colormane 05/02/2023 10:07 am $5,500.00 Auto
pharlapsue 05/02/2023 10:07 am $5,400.00
3colormane 05/02/2023 10:00 am $5,200.00 Auto
pharlapsue 05/02/2023 10:00 am $5,000.00
3colormane 05/02/2023 9:57 am $4,800.00 Auto
pharlapsue 05/02/2023 9:57 am $4,600.00
3colormane 05/02/2023 9:55 am $4,400.00
pharlapsue 05/02/2023 9:55 am $4,200.00
3colormane 05/02/2023 9:54 am $4,000.00 Auto
pharlapsue 05/02/2023 9:54 am $3,800.00
3colormane 05/02/2023 9:52 am $3,600.00
pharlapsue 05/02/2023 9:24 am $3,400.00
3colormane 04/30/2023 1:08 pm $3,200.00
SLFarm 04/21/2023 10:04 am $3,000.00
Sale Started 04/19/2023 6:11 pm
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