High Horse (Rock)

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4 Oaks Farm
Mount Vernon, KY 40456
(606) 308-2414


Horse Details

Rocky Mountain Horse

4 Oaks Farm

Mt. Vernon, KY






Star; Flaxen Mane and Tail

Gaited, Trail, Show, Horsemanship; Showmanship, Show winner


Meet High Horse!!
High Horse “Rock” is a gorgeous 3 year old 15hh registered Rocky Mountain chocolate gelding with a flaxen mane and tail. Rock was bred for greatness being out of a 2x Sam Tuttle award winner and 2x International Champion V.B.F.’s Storm Warning. If you all don’t know that’s about as good as it gets in the Rocky Mountain world. We got Rock from a friend of ours that had bought him as a weanling. He put a great start on him using natural horsemanship methods throughout his training. He had been trail riding him for the past year. Taking him all over KY OH WV AND TN. We had rode with him on several trail rides and was so impressed in how this young horse handled himself. So when we got the opportunity to buy him we didn’t blink. Rock is a very in your pocket type horse. He loves people and wants to be right there with you. He will seriously follow you around like a big puppy dog. He is one of the smartest horses you will ever be around and wants to please. He loves being groomed, loved on it any kind of attention. Rock has an older horse mentality, he is very quiet where ever he goes and is patient in the cross ties or when tied out on a picket line. He is perfect for the farrier, easy to clip, and loves a bath. Rock knows how to Yield pressure off his hindquarters and will back off the slightest touch. Rock will lunge both ways and we have done lots of groundwork and desensitizing making everything effortless with him. He bows, lays down, and works off leg pressure. You name it he has seen it! We have slung tarps off him, popped whips, shotguns, balls are thrown around him, and of course, our signature blow up man. We have ridden him everywhere from trails to fun shows, down the rails of train tracks, and even rode him right through town down the sidewalks and all… He has taken everything with ease. He’s just very eager to please and very trusting. I’m never going to say that any horse is perfect but Rock will do his best day in and day out to make you believe that he is! For a younger horse he’s as broke, gentle, and spook free as you will find. Rock is easy to saddle and bridle. Stands perfect to mount and walks off slow and easy. He will ride with a bit or with just a halter and lead he’s very easy and not complicated. Rock has one of the smoothest gaits you will ever sit. You seriously do not move in the saddle. We made sure to show some clips of him bareback in the video just where you can see how smooth he is! Not only is he smooth but he is very stylish! He has very solid and strong hooves that can go barefoot with no transition but we have kept him shod with standard trail shoes just as do all of our horses. We have took him to several shows this summer and he always placed in every class we put him in! Rock also has a to die for canter with a perfect transition in and out of it. So you don’t have to worry about the ride ever getting bumpy. Rock is a great trail horse. We have taken him on several big rides with big groups and he was always perfect. He is also perfectly fine with going out alone and rides with confidence. He crosses all types of water, fallen trees, and slippery rocks. Will go up or down the steepest terrain and always takes his time. He is traffic and atv safe. Great around wildlife and livestock. We have checked cows off of him and have jumped deer, and turkey on him and he never pays any attention to them. If you are looking for that 1 in a million young horse with the LOOKS, GAIT, and BRAINS there is not another one out there like our boy ROCK!! So get registered and get your bids in!!!

Winning Offer: $14,300.00

For More Information Contact:
4 Oaks Farm
Mount Vernon, KY 40456
(606) 308-2414

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Highest bidder was: 9Oaks

Name Time Offer Auto
9Oaks 09/27/2020 8:06 pm $14,300.00 Auto
LondonGirl 09/27/2020 8:06 pm $14,100.00
9Oaks 09/27/2020 8:03 pm $13,900.00
LondonGirl 09/27/2020 8:02 pm $13,700.00
9Oaks 09/27/2020 8:01 pm $13,500.00 Auto
LondonGirl 09/27/2020 8:01 pm $13,400.00
9Oaks 09/27/2020 8:01 pm $13,200.00 Auto
LondonGirl 09/27/2020 8:01 pm $13,000.00
9Oaks 09/27/2020 8:00 pm $12,800.00
LondonGirl 09/27/2020 7:59 pm $12,600.00
9Oaks 09/27/2020 7:59 pm $12,500.00 Auto
9Oaks 09/27/2020 7:57 pm $11,800.00 Auto
LondonGirl 09/27/2020 7:57 pm $11,600.00
9Oaks 09/27/2020 7:55 pm $11,400.00
LondonGirl 09/27/2020 7:51 pm $11,200.00
9Oaks 09/27/2020 7:51 pm $11,000.00 Auto
9Oaks 09/27/2020 4:34 pm $10,800.00
BigPoppy 09/27/2020 3:50 pm $10,600.00
9Oaks 09/27/2020 3:50 pm $10,500.00 Auto
9Oaks 09/27/2020 3:26 pm $10,200.00
Novice 09/27/2020 3:26 pm $10,000.00 Auto
Novice 09/27/2020 3:25 pm $9,900.00 Auto
9Oaks 09/27/2020 3:25 pm $9,700.00
Novice 09/15/2020 1:54 pm $9,500.00 Auto
BigPoppy 09/15/2020 1:54 pm $9,400.00
Novice 09/15/2020 11:07 am $9,200.00
Radodd 09/15/2020 11:07 am $9,000.00 Auto
Radodd 09/14/2020 4:43 pm $8,900.00 Auto
BigPoppy 09/14/2020 4:43 pm $8,700.00
Radodd 09/14/2020 4:14 pm $8,500.00 Auto
BigPoppy 09/14/2020 4:14 pm $8,300.00
Radodd 09/14/2020 4:14 pm $8,100.00 Auto
BigPoppy 09/14/2020 4:14 pm $7,900.00
Radodd 09/14/2020 4:11 pm $7,700.00
etbtwh 09/14/2020 3:54 pm $7,500.00 Auto
BigPoppy 09/14/2020 3:54 pm $7,400.00
etbtwh 09/14/2020 3:47 pm $7,100.00
BigPoppy 09/14/2020 3:24 pm $6,900.00
Billyboyhorses 09/14/2020 2:50 pm $6,700.00
Novice 09/14/2020 2:50 pm $6,500.00 Auto
Novice 09/14/2020 2:49 pm $6,200.00 Auto
Billyboyhorses 09/14/2020 2:49 pm $6,000.00
Novice 09/14/2020 2:49 pm $5,200.00 Auto
Billyboyhorses 09/14/2020 2:49 pm $5,000.00
Novice 09/14/2020 2:48 pm $4,300.00 Auto
Billyboyhorses 09/14/2020 2:48 pm $4,100.00
Novice 09/14/2020 2:09 pm $3,700.00
Billyboyhorses 09/14/2020 11:13 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 09/13/2020 11:57 pm

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