He’s a Fine Bueno (Cowboy)

Billy Jack Young
Kentwood, LA 70444


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Billy Jack Young

Kentwood, LA



Dark Buckskin





Ranch Horse, Trail Horse, Event Horse, Rope Horse


He’s a fine Bueno 🤠 (Cowboy)

Cowboy is an 11-year-old buckskin gelding. He stands 15’1. Cowboy is a super lovely ranch gelding. He has been used in all phases of ranch work. I have drug yearlings and feeders around on him with no problem. He is solid on the end of a rope. I’ve roped and doctored some sick calves off of him. I’ve started him on the smarty and ran a few out of the box on both sides. I have ridden him through town and all over the state park. You can ride in the front, the middle, or the back of the group, and he’s OK with that. He’s one that you want to ride and makes riding fun!

Cowboy will come to pick you up off a fence, trailer, bench, or anything you can stand on. He will side-pass the stirrup right over you or stand very still for you to climb on. He’s very fancy. 

Cowboy has a great one-hand neck rein and will side pass up to a gate to open and close. I have shot off of him a few times, and he did well. You can cross the water and debris with no problem. He is traffic safe and very easy to look at if you’re looking for your next using horse or just one to enjoy and be proud of. Check out cowboy, and watch his videos!

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Billy Jack Young
Kentwood, LA 70444

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