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Horse Details

Lusitano X

Fort Collins, CO


Palomino Pintaloosa





Trails, Rodeo Flag, Shooting, Gathering cattle, Cross country, Jumping, Babysitter


Hemi is one for everyone. He is just a solid horse at anything you ask of him. We have used him on the ranch for guests to jump cross country and out on the trail. Hemi is a non-reactive horse; you can see his worse reactions to the mounted shooting if you watch the video. Folks, this was his very first time! No practice runs whatsoever. Everyone asks me what their reactions are when they do react. Well, watch it for yourself. Hemi is ready for any level rider. He loves walking out on the trail with a ground-covering walk, to a nice little jog, and slow lope in the arena. He has many miles in the Rocky Mountains and is very sure-footed. He is solid and always on the same ride with even a few months off. We do not longe him before riding. He is good to go. He is always sound and maintenance-free. He will be your farrier’s favorite stop of the day. He is great for vets as well. Now he does try to become a giraffe when it’s time to deworm, but after a few attempts, he will give in and realize he is defeated. He is always coming up to the gate to be caught or easy to catch in the pasture. Hemi loves attention and will be your best friend. He is amazing at riding out alone and has no care for other Equine to be along. He will ride well in groups as well, following or leading. He will ride off from a group as well. He trailers like one should, as do all of ours. He gets along in a pasture with a mixed herd and stays to himself and away from trouble. He is just a really honest horse and looking for his new best friend. He is as gorgeous and unique as one can be. He has carried flags in rodeos and has some tricks like rear on command. He is a Lusitano cross with a palomino paint quarter horse mare. He will get you noticed in any direction you may take him. He is not finished at jumping but is well-started and could go so far. He crosses anything out on the trail, traffic safe, bicycles, rivers, bridges; nothing phases him. He is great at big circles on the ranch gathering cows. He is husband, grandma, and kid approved. He has the right mind and many years ahead of him. We look forward to meeting everyone and talking to you.

*Please call or text only. I will return calls. Often, we are out of service up in the mountains gathering cattle, but I will return calls if you text me. Delivery can be arranged anywhere! We expect payment next business day. Please call regarding any questions or to make arrangements to come to visit. Thank you in advance!


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