Jordan Faulconer
Eatonton, GA 31024


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Horse Details

Friesian Sporthorse

Jordan Faulconer

Eatonton GA



Sooty Buckskin





Rides english/ western, Cow working, Schooling Training level Dressage, Trails, Safe for any level of rider.


Meet Hava
Registered 9. y.o 15.1h Friesian Sporthorse Mare

Hava is a beautiful Sooty buckskin with big star dapples. Sweet, Stout, versatile, with a great mind.

Hava is great with obstacles, bridges, water crossing, drags, tarps, and ditches. She’s seen it all.

She’ll ride out alone or in a group and go out first, last, or middle.

Hava loves a job; she’s best suited for a confident rider who’d like to show or just have an athletic sensible horse to enjoy and take on adventures.

She’s more woah than go, not Spooky likes to look but will continue past when asked.

Sidespasses beautifully; she’ll even sidepass over obstacles if you’d like! She can back over them too! Back over the bridge? Backing into a trailer, no problem.

She’s not easily bothered, very level-headed.

She’ll stand on a pedestal with all four feet,
Lay down on cue, pick you up from anything to mount, and easily stand on a loose rein.

She has a smooth jog that’s easy to sit, a big flashy trot, and a comfortable canter.

She Rides English and western.

Experience includes:

Cow working, she’d enjoy ranch sorting!

There are no issues with donkeys, tractors, golf carts, bicycles, gunfire, or traffic.

Schooling Training level Dressage,

She has minimal jumping experience but will jump when asked.

Trail riding lots of exposure to different environments. Local shows, group trail rides.

She’s done many beginner lessons, and she’s very patient. She would be fine for a beginner with the support of a trainer. I think she has too many nice buttons for a beginner without support, it could be frustrating for everyone.

she has no vices, no buck, bolt, bite, or rear.

She’s had one owner her entire life, no unknown history.

She’s barefoot with great feet. No tenderness over rocky terrain.

She’s used to having her hooves trimmed with an angle grinder while relaxing ground-tied. Not worried about the noise or vibration.

Rides in a bareback in a halter just as nicely as she goes in full tack.

She’s a lovely mare! Please feel free to come to meet Hava, contact me with any questions, and discuss payment and shipping options.

Winning Offer: $16,000.00

Jordan Faulconer
Eatonton, GA 31024

Make an Offer by Phone- Please Contact Thehorsebay

Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Kbriver

Name Time Offer Auto
Kbriver 04/24/2022 5:00 pm $16,000.00 Auto
Kbriver 04/24/2022 10:12 am $12,900.00
LSkinner 04/24/2022 10:12 am $12,700.00 Auto
LSkinner 04/22/2022 6:54 pm $12,200.00 Auto
Kbriver 04/22/2022 6:54 pm $12,000.00
LSkinner 04/21/2022 8:50 pm $11,200.00 Auto
LKThomson 04/21/2022 8:50 pm $11,000.00
LSkinner 04/21/2022 1:45 pm $10,700.00 Auto
LKThomson 04/21/2022 1:45 pm $10,500.00
LSkinner 04/21/2022 1:43 pm $10,200.00 Auto
LKThomson 04/21/2022 1:43 pm $10,000.00
LSkinner 04/21/2022 1:08 pm $9,800.00 Auto
LKThomson 04/21/2022 1:08 pm $9,600.00
LSkinner 04/21/2022 1:08 pm $9,200.00 Auto
LKThomson 04/21/2022 1:08 pm $9,000.00
LSkinner 04/21/2022 1:07 pm $8,700.00 Auto
LKThomson 04/21/2022 1:07 pm $8,500.00
LSkinner 04/21/2022 1:07 pm $8,200.00 Auto
LKThomson 04/21/2022 1:07 pm $8,000.00
LSkinner 04/19/2022 4:24 pm $6,300.00
Jblylake 04/13/2022 5:45 pm $6,100.00
barbannmontes 04/13/2022 5:45 pm $6,000.00 Auto
barbannmontes 04/13/2022 5:40 pm $5,800.00
Jblylake 04/13/2022 4:59 pm $5,600.00
barbannmontes 04/13/2022 4:59 pm $5,500.00 Auto
barbannmontes 04/13/2022 4:52 pm $5,300.00 Auto
Jblylake 04/13/2022 4:52 pm $5,100.00
barbannmontes 04/13/2022 4:51 pm $4,900.00 Auto
Jblylake 04/13/2022 4:51 pm $4,700.00
barbannmontes 04/12/2022 10:28 am $4,500.00
Sale Started 04/10/2022 4:24 pm
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