Gypsy Rose

Cassie Sazima
Boyd, TX 76023


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Horse Details

Gypsy/Draft Cross

Cassie Sazima

Boyd, TX






Paint, Blaze

Family horse, Parades, Trail riding, Overnight camping, 4H classes, Rodeo-grand entry, Ranch classes, Obstacle course, Beginner friendly, Driving


Gypsy Rose is a 16-year-old gypsy cross mare that stands 15.1 HH and is built like a tank! I suspect her being a gypsy/ draft cross; she can easily carry a 200-pound rider with how wide she is. She makes me, 6ft tall, look normal. She is truly one of a kind; she is like a gelding in a mare’s body! She has been to many places, seen the sights, and has done different things. When she was younger, she pulled a cart in town and at home. Lately, she has been ridden for miles on trails. She will do anything you ask! Whether that is crossing bridges, water, or over logs. She takes everything she comes across in stride and never spooks. She loves going out on trails, whether it is with others or alone, especially going up or down hills. She is as sure-footed as one can be! Not only does she love trails and going to town. She meets lots of different adults and kids due to her beautiful coat; she especially likes the little ones! She doesn’t bat an eye when a skateboarder, motorcycle, train, stroller, wheelchair, umbrella, balloon, or bicycle goes by her. She’s calm and collected and waits for your cue for her to go. I like to take her to the Fort Worth stockyards to watch the cattle drive, and the huge crowd doesn’t bother her a bit! She’s traffic safe, whether the car is creeping past her or flying by, some people even honk, and she doesn’t mind. Not to mention, she’s a horse you can trust to put your family on. If they are inexperienced, she will go nice and slow to take care of her riders, but if they are more experienced, she can pick up speed if asked. She likes to walk/ trot more than lope but will do so if asked! She has a great handle and reliable stop on her, she knows both of her leads, and her gaits are fairly smooth and easy to sit. She is spook-proof! She has had multiple trains go by her, dogs bark at her, balloons, tarps, strollers/ wheelchairs, carriages, 4-wheelers, tractors, and bicycles, and I’ve even stood up on her! If you’re looking for a reliable companion to hit the trails with and know you’re always going to be kept safe, here she is! She also loves to ride bareback. She has no bad habits. She is not a buddy/ barn sour, never laid her ears back, never offered to rear/ buck/ bolt/ kick/ bite, and she always acts like a true lady on the ground. She will stand tied for bathing, saddling, for the farrier, mounting, and dismounting, and will easily load and unload. She loves to be around people and get all of their love and not to mention she will get along with any horse you have in your pasture. As I said before, she loves and cares for the small kiddos. And the best thing about her is that not only does she have the popular personality that all people love about gypsies, but she is also an easy keeper! She’s perfect for anyone to ride! Whether it is your husband wanting to tag along on a ride, hitting the trails by yourself and wanting a horse who is going to take care of you, or for your kiddo to learn on. She’s your gal!
She is truly a gem; look at her videos and see for yourself!

Cassie Sazima
Boyd, TX 76023


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