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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Boston, GA


Dappled Grey




Dappled grey, flea bitted face and chest.

Mounting tricks, flags and trail horse deluxe, gaited


Talk about a horse that will catch any and everyone’s eye. Standing at 15 hands, Grey is a 9-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with the absolute most gorgeous dapples. He has beautiful black legs, a white tail that drags the ground, and an ideal conformation. If his looks don’t make you fall in love, his puppy dog personality will.
This gelding is the first to greet you anywhere and is excited to spend any time he can with you. He is full of personality, and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. Although he is blind in one eye, you would never know as it does not take away from his performance.

Grey is as easy as they come. He is ready to conquer the trails as he will cross any log, ditch, or obstacle. He has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife through the piney woods of South Georgia, where he has spent hundreds of miles riding. He is sure-footed and watches his feet well. This gelding is happy to ride off alone or will be fine to lead or follow quietly in any big group. Grey is not spooky towards flags, dogs, vehicles, tractors, or bridges. He would make the perfect match for someone looking for something safe and reliable they can ease along the trails on.
You can turn him out for months or ride him every day, and he will be the same horse every time. He stands quietly tied for grooming, saddling, clipping, and the farrier. Grey is also hobbled broke!! Everything about this gelding is easy and soft. He is quiet with a bit and has an extremely soft mouth. He will stop, back up, and turn with the lightest amount of pressure. He responds well to leg cues and will not shy or become hot towards spurs. He is not one to lean on the bit and will walk, gait, or lope on a loose rein.

Not only is Grey a dream to ride, he knows tricks too!! Mounting is made simple by the snap of your fingers. This gelding will side pass up to a mounting block, gate, or stump to be mounted. He will load first or last on a trailer and stand the entire ride quietly.

Grey is safe for any level rider and has never offered to buck, kick or rear, no matter the situation. He has spent many miles toting children, beginners, and even dogs. You can trust him to keep you safe anytime and anywhere.

He is currently located in Boston, GA. He has a clean bill of health as well as Coggins. For more information, please call me.


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