Brandy Collins
Antlers, OK 74523


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Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Brandy Collins

Antlers, OK


Bay & White




Blaze, Four stockings, Paint markings

Trails, Pleasure, Ranch Horse, Fun Shows, Obstacles, Ground Driving, Family Horse, Kids Horse, Hunting


Governor is a 6-year-old gelding that stands 15 hands. He is a beautiful and majestic sight to behold. Everywhere we ride him, people stop to look and compliment him. He is safe for any level of rider, from young kids to older adults and everybody in between. Governor loves people and always meets you at the gate; just happy to be loved. He is easy to bridle, saddle, and ride. He has a lovely soft neck rein and will side-pass to open and shut gates from his back and will also side-pass up to the mounting block or gate to pick you up. Governor has a dreamy smooth rack that will make you smile every time. He has been many miles on the trails, in the woods, and rough country. He is always safe and accessible through all terrains. He has been ridden by first-time riders and professionals and always strives to please them. Because of his puppy dog personality, he will follow you anywhere, even if you turn him loose and walk off. Governor handles well and correctly in the arena and on the trails. He is a very confident trail horse and will go anywhere you ask him to. He is always smooth through every speed, from the walk to the gait to the lope, and never makes a hard step. He has carried our young daughter many, many miles of trail riding. His level of safety and ease is second to none. The governor has solid confirmation, is completely sound, and has never had any health issues. This beautiful gelding would make a great addition to anybody’s barn and will make you absolutely proud to own him. Governor is definitely a unicorn in disguise of a beautiful paint horse. For more information on Governor, please call David.
Brandy Collins
Trainer -David Borntreger

Brandy Collins
Antlers, OK 74523

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