Goldie Locks of Love

Stetson Weston
Providence, UT 84332


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Stetson Weston

Logan, UT


Golden Champagne





Trails, Packing, Arena


Goldie is an amazing Gold Champagne 8-year-old grade mare Missouri Fox Trotter. She has been used for trail rides, Packing, hunting, and arena work. Goldie has been ridden from the deserts of Utah to the high mountains of Montana. She’s a dream to ride on the trail. She’s willing to go anywhere you point her, from fallen timber and rocky cliffs to rivers and streams. She is fine to lead or be in the back of the pack. She has always done great with other horses. She has been ridden by all types of riders and has always taken care of whoever her mount is. She’s been through the Clinton Anderson method, which shows when you ride her. Goldie has had birds flush out from under her, deer and elk run in front of her, and has never been phased by it. I always have dogs joining our rides, and she’s always treated them as if they weren’t there. She loads and unloads a trailer with no problem. Stands for the farrier with no problem. She is awesome to saddle and bridle. She would make a great horse for anyone looking for a trail/mountain horse, and you can have the peace of mind knowing the horse you’re on has been there and done that.

Stetson Weston
Providence, UT 84332

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