Generators Smokey Pride (Rolo)

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Totonka Trail Equine

Athens, OH








Trails, Gaited, Gathers Cattle


He is truly one of the smoothest trail horses I’ve ridden. He is fearless no matter the situation, alone or in a group. Flawlessly going anywhere, you point him. He has a bid ground covering walk, transitions smoothly into his gaits, and falls nicely into a lope. He is great on all-day rides up in the Rocky Mountains, gathering cattle in some of the roughest terrains, to the trails here back east. He hauls well, eats, and drinks on the road. He had ridden in several different states handling all types of terrain. He is extremely sure-footed and just a great horse to be around. He loves to partner up with his partner and builds a bond. He is great in the pasture with other horses (mixed herd) but not high in the pecking order. He loads flawlessly and unloads as one should. He is great for the farrier and vets alike. Easy to shoe as well. We have drill tech on him right now as we ride him on rocky ground. He is nice in the bridle, great with flags, dogs, and wildlife, and he’s seen it all. He will get you noticed anywhere, for sure. He is conformationally correct and sounds with no lameness and no maintenance. He’s always ready to go, whether for work or just to go have fun.
We look forward to talking to everyone and meeting you. Feel free to give us a call or text us. Delivery is available anywhere. Payment is expected the next business day. Thank you in advance.

Winning Offer: $12,701.00

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Adonaldson

Name Time Offer Auto
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 9:03 am $12,701.00
duckhntr 12/17/2022 9:03 am $12,501.00
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 9:03 am $12,500.00 Auto
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 9:01 am $11,900.00
duckhntr 12/17/2022 9:01 am $11,700.00
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 9:00 am $11,500.00 Auto
duckhntr 12/17/2022 9:00 am $11,401.00
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 9:00 am $11,201.00
duckhntr 12/17/2022 8:59 am $11,001.00
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 8:59 am $11,000.00 Auto
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 8:57 am $10,600.00
duckhntr 12/17/2022 8:57 am $10,400.00
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 8:57 am $10,200.00 Auto
duckhntr 12/17/2022 8:57 am $10,004.00
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 8:56 am $9,804.00
duckhntr 12/17/2022 8:56 am $9,604.00
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 8:56 am $9,500.00 Auto
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 8:55 am $9,402.00
duckhntr 12/17/2022 8:55 am $9,202.00 Auto
duckhntr 12/17/2022 8:54 am $8,001.00
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 8:54 am $8,000.00 Auto
Adonaldson 12/17/2022 8:23 am $7,200.00
RVMOEH 12/17/2022 8:23 am $7,000.00 Auto
RVMOEH 12/12/2022 6:58 am $5,200.00
brad.benson 12/12/2022 6:58 am $5,000.00 Auto
brad.benson 12/07/2022 7:45 am $4,000.00
Sale Started 12/04/2022 5:31 pm
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