Jason Leger
Crab Orchard, KY 40419


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Horse Details

Friesian Quarter Horse Cross

Jason Leger

Crab Orchard, KY







Trick, Trail, English, Western, Lesson, Show


General is a gorgeous 5-year-old gelding that is a Friesian quarter horse cross. He is eligible to be registered in the Friesian Sport Horse registry. He stands 15.1 hands tall and is very athletic, intelligent, and personable. General has had countless hours of groundwork and round pen work, in addition to indoor and outdoor arena work. He will side pass to a mounting block to mount or dismount. At your command, General will lay down to mount or dismount! He will even sit like a dog and follow you around like one at the command to come. General has a great handle on him as he will one-hand neck rein, lope circles, take the correct leads, has a big stop, and yields to leg pressure. He will yield to leg pressure to side pass, pivot his hind quarters, turn on his forehand, and pivot his front end to turn on his haunches. He is soft in the mouth and very responsive to your cues and body language. General is also an excellent trail mount as he will safely carry you up and down steep hills, through deep water, mud, and over rough or rocky terrain. General is completely traffic safe. He doesn’t mind commotion. He pays no mind to tarps, whips, and guns. We’ve led dogs from him as well. He has also been exposed to various wildlife, such as deer and turkey. We have used him to check our cattle and our fences. He has also been used to rope colts and doctor calves. General has ponied colts and has also been ponied on a pack line himself. He is an absolute pleasure to have in the barn. He is friendly and kind and always eager to see you. He is also easy to catch and gets along well with other horses. He doesn’t mind riding alone or with a group, leading or following behind. He has an excellent mindset, and his potential is out of this world. General could easily do a variety of disciplines from English competitions to western, to even a perfect trail mount. He has the build and bone to make it in the western mountains. He’s talented and athletic enough to go English, gentle enough for a guest horse, and confident and laid back enough to be a wonderful trail mount. All of these details and more are found in our full YouTube video! Take the time to watch and see for yourself how amazing this guy is!

Winning Offer: $16,103.00

Jason Leger
Crab Orchard, KY 40419

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Highest bidder was: Shilohsmom

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Shilohsmom 01/08/2023 7:56 am $16,103.00 Auto
Mareboy 01/08/2023 7:56 am $15,903.00
Shilohsmom 01/08/2023 7:38 am $15,703.00
tbredtrain 01/08/2023 7:38 am $15,503.00 Auto
tbredtrain 01/08/2023 7:36 am $15,502.00
Mareboy 01/08/2023 7:32 am $15,302.00
Shilohsmom 01/08/2023 7:20 am $15,102.00 Auto
tbredtrain 01/08/2023 7:20 am $15,001.00
Shilohsmom 01/08/2023 2:42 am $14,601.00 Auto
Mareboy 01/08/2023 2:42 am $14,401.00
Shilohsmom 01/07/2023 3:02 pm $14,201.00 Auto
tbredtrain 01/07/2023 3:02 pm $14,001.00
Shilohsmom 01/07/2023 12:00 pm $13,701.00 Auto
tbredtrain 01/07/2023 12:00 pm $13,501.00
Shilohsmom 01/07/2023 9:37 am $12,600.00 Auto
Ranchhand 01/07/2023 9:37 am $12,400.00
Shilohsmom 01/07/2023 9:36 am $12,100.00 Auto
Ranchhand 01/07/2023 9:36 am $11,900.00
Shilohsmom 01/07/2023 9:35 am $11,600.00 Auto
Ranchhand 01/07/2023 9:35 am $11,400.00
Shilohsmom 01/07/2023 9:32 am $11,100.00 Auto
Ranchhand 01/07/2023 9:32 am $10,900.00
Shilohsmom 01/06/2023 1:19 pm $10,500.00 Auto
Danimacy 01/06/2023 1:19 pm $10,300.00
Shilohsmom 01/05/2023 9:04 am $10,100.00
Ranchhand 01/05/2023 9:04 am $9,900.00 Auto
Ranchhand 01/03/2023 1:38 am $9,700.00 Auto
Alex2626 01/03/2023 1:38 am $9,500.00
Ranchhand 01/03/2023 1:37 am $8,900.00 Auto
Alex2626 01/03/2023 1:37 am $8,700.00
Ranchhand 01/01/2023 9:02 am $8,500.00
Alex2626 01/01/2023 4:56 am $8,300.00
Jacjac 01/01/2023 4:51 am $8,100.00
Ranchhand 01/01/2023 4:51 am $8,000.00 Auto
Ranchhand 12/31/2022 11:25 am $7,700.00
Alex2626 12/31/2022 11:25 am $7,500.00 Auto
Alex2626 12/31/2022 6:46 am $6,700.00
Fronteques 12/31/2022 6:46 am $6,500.00 Auto
Fronteques 12/28/2022 6:22 am $6,400.00 Auto
Holliday 12/28/2022 6:22 am $6,200.00
Fronteques 12/28/2022 6:22 am $6,000.00 Auto
Holliday 12/28/2022 6:22 am $5,800.00
Fronteques 12/27/2022 10:59 am $5,600.00 Auto
Marilynchant 12/27/2022 10:59 am $5,400.00
Fronteques 12/27/2022 10:59 am $5,200.00 Auto
Marilynchant 12/27/2022 10:59 am $5,000.00
Fronteques 12/27/2022 10:14 am $4,700.00
Marilynchant 12/27/2022 6:13 am $4,500.00
Sale Started 12/26/2022 6:04 pm
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