Funnel Cake

Natalie Chamberlain
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Horse Details


Natalie Chamberlain

Fort Collins, CO


Red Dun




Star, Faint strip, 4 stockings, cooning on tail, dark dun points

Kids horse, trail mount, western pleasure


Funnel Cake is a lifetime “keeper” and will become part of your family the moment he arrives! He is fun-loving, aims to please, sweet in nature, and has all the attributes you would want in a “forever” horse that will meet the needs of your entire family. This animal loves to be ridden, loved on, and pampered and will return that love ten fold.
Funnel Cake displays phenomenal ground manners— loads right up in any trailer, cooperative for any farrier, enjoys baths, loves to be groomed, doesn’t mind fly spray, stands quiet when tied, cross ties well, and the list goes on and on.

He is a pleaser and will only do what he is asked. This boy is extremely quiet under saddle, stands for mounting, neck reins like a dream, works off leg, collects, and has a great stop. He is 100% sound, is currently barefoot, and has great, hard feet.
Funnel Cake is an excellent, solid, and safe trail partner. He does well leading the trail group and is content in the middle of the pack. He rides out alone with no issues, yet gets along famously with other horses and loves his buddies. (He even gets along great with goats and other barnyard animals.) As a ten-year-old, he has years of trails left to explore.
Funnel Cake is quiet enough even for the very beginner. Kids love him and crawl all over AND under him. Nothing phases him: water, down trees, flags, whips, bikes, scooters, floating skateboards, traffic, trains, fireworks. I have thrown a rope off of him, and he didn’t even bat an eye. I have yet to encounter one situation that spooks this horse. I have put children of all ages on his back, and he goes to their speed and takes amazing care of them.
Funnel Cake is great in the arena and on the trail. He will be whatever you ask of him and will
perform any task safely. If you are looking for a faithful and loving family member who will always look out for you, begin your next adventure with the exceptional Funnel Cake. He will not disappoint!

Natalie Chamberlain
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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