Flying Oaks Branca “Blanca”


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Horse Details

Mangalarga Marchador

Caddo, OK



Dapple Grey




Bald Face, LF Fetlock, RH Sock

Beginner, Double Registered, Endurance, Experienced, Flashy, Gaited, Gymkhana, Husband Safe, Kid Safe, Natural Horsemanship Training, Playday, Pole, Ridden English, Ridden Western, Trail, Trail Riding


100℅ sound
100℅ healthy
Temperament: 1 out of 10 super calm and laid back
Blanca is eligible for double registration.
Only about 400 Marchadors are in the US, and only a small number can be double registered.

Blanca is a 5-year-old Mangalarga Marchador mare standing 14.2 hands tall. Her confirmation is absolutely beautiful. Her dapples catch everyone’s attention everywhere we go. She definitely has the looks and the brains! We cannot forget the heart she gives as well ❤.
She is a true lady on the ground or in the saddle. She is trained in Western and English and can also be ridden bareback. She is very smooth, whether in her marcha batida gait or a lope. Blanca is very easy to handle. She neck reins very nicely, side passes, and has a nice stop and reverse.
Mangalarga Marchadors are said to have docile, friendly personalities and are ideal family horses; Blanca sure lives up to that! She’s very friendly and very gentle. She wants to be in someone’s pocket. Blanca has been a great trail horse for us. She has been ridden on many trails all over Oklahoma and is sure-footed. She will cross anything on the trails, water, creeks, rocks, bridges, up and down steep hills, and train tracks and will ride through the thicket. Blanca will marcha batida fast or slower depending on what her rider wants; you set the pace, and she’ll stay that way; she’s so selfless and wants to please; that’s another thing we’ve loved about her. We’ve shot guns off of Blanca, and it didn’t faze her. She’s fantastic with all our activities with her at the play days. Pole bending, barrels, cowboy mounted shooting. She would be perfect for endurance competitions; she can go all day.
You can ride Blanca safely with a flag if you want to. She’s been ridden in a town full of commotion: loud dogs, joggers’ side-by-sides, ATVs, semis, motorcycles, you name it. She isn’t fazed by trains either, as shown in the video.
She stands ground tied. She meets you at the gate. She stands for the tack up or down, mount or dismount, brushed bathed fly sprayed, and is great for the farrier. She loads and unloads easily.
Blanca has been ridden by multiple age groups. If you’re looking for a beautiful, smooth-gaited, safe as safe can get, talented young mare you can enjoy for many years to come, look no further—she’s waiting for you!
We sure appreciate every single family whose purchased a horse from us and given them a great home, we are blessed to be available to do what we do for a living. For all of those who are not familiar with the Mangalarga marchador breed, we’d be happy to enlighten you about Blanca. Due to all the rain in Oklahoma, we haven’t been able to finish all the videos. Keep an eye out; they will be uploaded soon!
Call or text to schedule a meeting/ try out Blanca for yourselves.
Thank you!

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