Cassandra Sazima
Stephenville, TX 76401


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Horse Details

Friesian/ Quarter X

Cassandra Sazima

Stephenville, TX







Very broke, Bombproof, Kid safe, Trail horse




Flicka is a beautiful all-black mare and has a heart of GOLD!!

She is a Friesian/ QH cross. Flicka is a black mare with no white markings; she stands 14.2/3 HH and is only 14 years old.

You can do anything you want with this mare. She is very willing, and lazy is NOT one of the words to describe her. She will do anything you ask of her and does it without attitude. She has been taken to town, used on trails, to check fences, pony other horses, gather cattle, and in the arena. She’s been to town and around large crowds, and nothing phases her. Her age means nothing to her. She’s always trying to learn and picks up new things quickly. You can keep her as a trail horse or teach her play days. She has a great mindset; she just wants to please. She is simple to ride, and you don’t have to fight with her; just point and go. She is great for anyone to ride, and she’s very fun to mess with. Anyone that knows what they are doing can jump on this horse.

She’s not spooky at all. You can put a tarp all over her, carry flags, pull tires, pop a bullwhip, swing a rope, and even ride her next to traffic. She’s used to heavy machinery, buses, and dogs barking. You can ride her over logs, bridges, and water. Nothing bothers this mare. She has been exposed to many animals like cattle, mini donkeys, bison, deer, and longhorns.

Flicka is as soft as one can be; whether you want to neck rein or direct, she will be just as responsive either way. She works big and little circles, picks up the correct leads and moves off leg pressure. She has a great stop and backup on her. She’s also very light on her feet, and It doesn’t feel like she’s dragging them or barely moving. You can run her, then stop her; she’ll walk off cool as a cucumber, ready for whatever you ask next of her. All you have to do is sit down in the saddle and say, ” Whoa, ” and she stops in her tracks with little contact in the reins. She has an easy-to-sit trot, or you can slow her down even to a jog (which is smoother/ slower). She also has a smooth lope. You can jump on her bareback with just a halter, and she will be just as responsive. I would say I ride her bareback pretty often, a good 30% of the time. She’s not high-headed at all when you ride her; she collects her head with just a touch of the reins.

She has NO bad habits. She does not pull back when tied, cinchy, buck, bolt, rear, kick, bite, buddy/barn sour, or anything like that. You can leave her in the pasture for a while and get on her, and she will be the same horse you rode last time, and you don’t have to worry about shenanigans. She is confident in any place you take her and will not randomly take off with you or jump out from underneath you.

She has the sweetest personality ever. She acts just like a gelding. She has never laid her ears back once at me when I’ve been around her. She will let you do anything you want with her, touch her anywhere, or jump on her bareback. She’s just happy to spend time with you. She greets you at the gate and talks to you. Absolutely loves her neck scratches. She has a thick mane that’s all the same length and a thick tail to match, and she loves it when you braid it.

She bathes great, stands for the farrier, clippers have been used on her before, and can stand tied for hours. Loads and unloads from the trailer with no problem, stands to be saddled, and takes the bit right as you put it up to her mouth. I use a snaffle with short shanks on her; she only needs light contact with it since she’s so responsive. I keep her barefoot; she has no foot problems and has nice black, hard hooves. She’s never taken a lame step for as long as I have had her. Has no scars, bumps, health, or soundness problems. Feel free to get a PPE at your own expense.

Flicka is someone’s dream horse and will do anything she can to please you. My loss is your gain. The only reason why I’m selling her is that I need money for college.

Don’t miss out on this amazing mare!! She’s one of a kind.

Cassandra Sazima
Stephenville, TX 76401

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