Daniela Fleck
Rockhill’s, SC 29730


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Daniela Fleck

Rock Hill, SC






Blaze, Two Socks

Gaited Dressage, Western Riding, Obstacles, Trail


Meet Flash – this handsome unregistered palomino TWH Gelding was born in 2012. He is one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. Flash is extremely talented with excellent ground manners and wants to please.
If you are looking for a horse that you can ride in the arena and on the trail, he is your horse. Flash is the perfect horse for Gaited Dressage. He puts his head down when you ask for it and is soft in his face. Transitions to walk or to stop with no reins, as you can see in the video. Also, he neck reins, and is used to lunge with and without side reins, and loves groundwork in the round pen. He also is the coolest ever when trail riding. Nothing scares him. He passes everything like it doesn’t exist. He will go over bridges, big log trees, through water, wherever you point, he will go. He is like a machine. If you start the motor, he will run for several hours without getting tired, which is perfect for long trail rides. His flat foot walk is so smooth you won’t realize that he is moving under you at all. You just sit and relax and enjoy your ride; it’s amazing.
Flash loves to get bathed and groomed. His coat is so shiny, and in combination with his long white mane, he is the eye-catcher wherever you show up with him. Flash is used to being hauled all over the place. He has done camping at the beach, hauled to different clinics, or just meeting with friends to ride together on the trail. You point into the trailer, and he will load up without questioning. You can tie him at the trailer for hours, and he just stands nice and calm, waiting to be ridden. He also is safe around big farm equipment and stands perfectly still for clipping and trimming.
Please watch the video as it speaks for
itself. Give me a call if you have any questions. You are more than welcome to come and try Flash as you will love him.

Winning Offer: $12,200.00

Daniela Fleck
Rockhill’s, SC 29730

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Mark

Name Time Offer Auto
Mark 01/31/2021 7:01 pm $12,200.00
Deer Fields 01/31/2021 7:00 pm $12,000.00 Auto
Mark 01/31/2021 7:00 pm $11,900.00
Deer Fields 01/31/2021 6:56 pm $11,700.00 Auto
Deer Fields 01/31/2021 6:54 pm $11,300.00
KGB 01/31/2021 10:28 am $11,000.00 Auto
KGB 01/31/2021 10:26 am $10,800.00 Auto
KGB 01/31/2021 10:25 am $10,400.00 Auto
KGB 01/31/2021 10:24 am $10,000.00 Auto
KGB 01/31/2021 9:45 am $9,200.00
lindacard 01/31/2021 7:21 am $9,000.00
Christine Berling 01/30/2021 4:56 pm $8,600.00 Auto
KGB 01/30/2021 4:56 pm $8,400.00
Christine Berling 01/30/2021 4:08 pm $8,200.00
Christine Berling 01/30/2021 10:03 am $7,600.00
Honey58 01/29/2021 3:28 pm $7,200.00 Auto
Honey58 01/29/2021 6:51 am $6,900.00
DONOVAN 01/27/2021 3:31 pm $6,700.00
Honey58 01/26/2021 12:55 pm $6,500.00
ChrisGSP 01/26/2021 12:53 pm $6,300.00 Auto
Honey58 01/26/2021 12:53 pm $6,200.00
ChrisGSP 01/26/2021 12:53 pm $5,600.00 Auto
Honey58 01/26/2021 12:53 pm $5,400.00
ChrisGSP 01/25/2021 9:07 am $4,400.00 Auto
Angie D 01/25/2021 9:07 am $4,200.00
ChrisGSP 01/23/2021 9:22 pm $4,000.00
BentTree 01/23/2021 9:22 pm $3,800.00 Auto
BentTree 01/21/2021 6:28 pm $3,700.00
pmpetree 01/18/2021 11:34 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 01/17/2021 7:28 pm
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