Dillon Hughes
Germantown, Ky 41044


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Horse Details

Friesian X

D and A Horsemanship

Germantown, KY






Shoulder Brand "EZ"

Ranch, Trail, Neck rein


EZ  is a stout-built 15.3hh, 7-year-old, Beautiful Grulla Friesian X Gelding. If you want a horse that has seen it all and done it all… EZ is the one that you need! EZ was born and raised on a ranch in California, where he was used as a working horse around the ranch. Sorting, roping, and doctoring sick ones were part of his daily activities. He later moved on to work in a feedlot in El Paso, TX penning cattle, working the loading chutes, and riding the lot. We took him out two weeks ago on a ranch that was 550 acres and caught 38 cows and a bull that the owner couldn’t get rounded up. It was an all-day deal, so we left them penned up that night with intentions of loading them the next morning… the next morning, the corral was busted, and we had to go back out and spend two days catching them all again! We roped several out in the wide-open pasture and left EZ standing with them tied off to him. He is strong at the horn and will hold a big bull. Even when things don’t go as planned, such as when a rope got in between his legs, EZ stays composed and doesn’t freak out. There isn’t much that he hasn’t seen… big rough country has been his home… he has all of the life experiences anyone would want their next ranch or trail horse to have. EZ is very gentle to ride, fancy, one hand broke, lopes very nice circles, slide stops, and will open/shut gates. He has all of the buttons but is always gentle when under saddle. He will cross creeks, ditches, and logs and navigate rough, rocky areas. He is a confident horse on the trails and will lead the crew, head out alone or follow behind without issues! He has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife, such as deer or turkey, or other animals like cows or dogs, and will go anywhere he is asked to. He has ridden many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure-footed. EZ is not cinchy and does not crib or weave. If you’re looking for a REAL ranch horse ready to do your job for you… Feel free to call Dillon Hughes with any questions. Located in Germantown, Ky.

Dillon Hughes
Germantown, Ky 41044

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