Ellie Mae’s Good Luck Charm (Ellie)

Madisen Kiernan
Wellington, CO 80549


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Madisen Kiernan

Fort Collins, CO



Chocolate Palomino





Gaited, Trail, Reining, Bridleless, Tricks


Ellie is that gold at the end of the rainbow and is definitely going to be a very hard mare to say goodbye to. There is absolutely nothing this mare cannot do. She has impeccable breeding and confirmation with the perfect gaits to go with it. I have yet to ride a horse with a smoother foxtrot. She initially was trained for reining and has since found her love for the trail. This mare can go ALL day! She loves getting out and has had many miles around town as well as in the mountains. She is sure-footed and well-balanced; she won’t miss a beat whether she is going on a flat trail or climbing a steep hill. She rides with or without a bridle, has a wonderful stop-off seat, a soft mouth, and is responsive to leg cues. Ellie has been ridden bareback, English, and western and excels at all three. From wildlife to livestock, she’s seen plenty of both and has been around heavy traffic both day and on a night ride. We have ridden her next to trains, on busy bike trails, high up in the mountains, and right out our front door.

There is no place she won’t go. Ellie bows on command and has started to work on laying down and her sit. She’s very intelligent and picks new things up incredibly fast. Ellie is great for the farrier, bathes, and loves to trailer new places. Ellie is the type to meet you at the gate and won’t pass up an opportunity to be with her person. Ellie is well built and has solid height but isn’t so big that she would be intimidating to a young rider. She has had all levels of riders on her and truly cares and tries to connect and take care of her person. If you are looking for the pedigree, color, and brain, Ellie has it all!
Please reach out with any questions concerning Ellie!

Madisen Kiernan
Wellington, CO 80549

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