Lisa O’Hern
Wildwood, MO  63038


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TWH/Spotted Saddle

Lisa O'Hern

Wildwood, MO






Connected Star, Strip, Snip, Four Stockings

Gaited, Trail, Trick, Field Trial, Kid Safe


“Duke” is a top-notch trail riding horse. He also has a unique trick…He will “pee on command.” I like things neat, clean and tidy. I’m a happy camper if I don’t have to clean pee out of my trailer or stalls. He also knows how to lay down.

We bought Duke 4 ½ yrs ago for my granddaughter Maddie. At 17, she is off to conquer the world and doesn’t have time to ride. He is also used as the “guest horse.”

His previous life included field trials. He has many trail miles and has been exposed to a lot of different things. I love taking rides in my subdivision to find anything “scary” that we can practice being brave. My command to my horse is…” Put your nose on it”, and they are not allowed to leave the thing until doing so. I watch the wheels turn in their head as they see something they might be concerned about, and then they bravely walk up with their nose out.

In the pecking order, I would put him in the middle of the herd. He gets along well with mares and geldings. He trailers well alone or with another horse. He is more than willing to pony babies or multiple horses.

He ties, cross ties, stands well for the farrier, grooming and tacking up. He stands well for mounting and will skivvy up to the mounting block or a fence, bench, or log to get on. He will “pony” another horse(s) or be “ponied” with ease.

He has all the basic training: side pass, back up, leg yields, flat walk, running walk, canter. He is surefooted up and downhills. He chooses his hoof placement carefully. He will go through puddles, creeks, and large bodies of water. He has learned to “pee on command” before he comes into his stall for the night. I also like being able to have Duke pee before we start a long ride. They ride more comfortably.

Duke is good with dogs and happily allows my 15 yr old Jack Russel to ride up in the saddle when he is tired. In groups, he will lead, go in the middle, or last. He has more whoa than go. He is very enjoyable to ride ambling down the trail.

I’m not a professional trainer. Duke is a loved family pet and deserves to have a great home. What I like to do is ride them, love them and bring out their personalities.

“Duke saves the barn” story
This just happened today. Our Farrier showed up and did his work. When I got down to the bar  he said that something was bothering Duke, he wasn’t his normal self. I went in his stall and I could tell something wasn’t right.  He was stomping his front hooves. When I brought him out he rushed through the stall door. He has never done that before. I called the barn owner and he discovered that the entire barn was  electrified through a short in the wiring.  He got shocked as he touched the metal wall.
Duke sensed there was danger
and let us know!
Duke saved the day! What a great horse!

Winning Offer: $12,400.00

Lisa O’Hern
Wildwood, MO  63038

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Highest bidder was: Judy Cunningham

Name Time Offer Auto
Judy Cunningham 10/03/2021 9:05 am $12,400.00
LHall 10/03/2021 9:05 am $12,202.00 Auto
LHall 10/03/2021 4:41 am $12,200.00
Magikpotion 10/03/2021 3:49 am $12,000.00 Auto
Judy Cunningham 10/03/2021 3:49 am $11,800.00
Magikpotion 10/03/2021 3:43 am $11,600.00 Auto
LHall 10/03/2021 3:43 am $11,400.00
Magikpotion 10/02/2021 6:48 pm $11,200.00 Auto
LHall 10/02/2021 6:48 pm $11,000.00
Magikpotion 09/25/2021 4:50 am $10,300.00
Judy Cunningham 09/25/2021 4:50 am $10,100.00 Auto
Judy Cunningham 09/24/2021 3:13 pm $9,200.00 Auto
Mariana31 09/24/2021 3:13 pm $9,000.00
Judy Cunningham 09/24/2021 3:13 pm $8,200.00 Auto
Mariana31 09/24/2021 3:13 pm $8,000.00
Judy Cunningham 09/24/2021 3:13 pm $7,100.00 Auto
Mariana31 09/24/2021 3:13 pm $6,900.00
Judy Cunningham 09/24/2021 3:07 pm $6,500.00
Mariana31 09/24/2021 3:07 pm $6,300.00 Auto
Mariana31 09/24/2021 1:57 pm $6,200.00
Lynx 09/24/2021 1:57 pm $6,000.00 Auto
Lynx 09/24/2021 1:56 pm $5,700.00
Judy Cunningham 09/24/2021 11:53 am $5,500.00
Mariana31 09/24/2021 11:53 am $5,400.00 Auto
Mariana31 09/23/2021 1:26 pm $5,100.00 Auto
Lynx 09/23/2021 1:26 pm $5,000.00
Mariana31 09/21/2021 2:56 pm $4,700.00 Auto
T frank 09/21/2021 2:56 pm $4,500.00
Mariana31 09/21/2021 10:05 am $4,300.00
Evie 09/21/2021 9:13 am $4,100.00
Mariana31 09/21/2021 9:13 am $4,000.00 Auto
Mariana31 09/21/2021 9:12 am $3,900.00 Auto
Evie 09/21/2021 9:12 am $3,700.00
Mariana31 09/21/2021 8:44 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 09/20/2021 8:08 pm
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