Allec Maddox
Highland, Ut 84003


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Kentucky Mountain

Alec Maddox

Salt Lake City, UT


Blue Roan




Back right cornet band



Hey there! My name is Alec Maddox and this horse is Ducky. He is an 11-year-old Kentucky Mountain Horse gelding. He stands at just under 16 hands tall. Ducky is a beautiful dark blue roan that stays blue throughout the year. Ducky has a very kind personality and is a very quick learner. If he comes up to something that he is unfamiliar with, he is the type of horse to calmly look and then approach it; instead of turning, bolting, or overreacting.

Ducky has been there and done that. Over the summer, he went on our pack trip with us where he did around 100 miles in 6 days through the Teton wilderness in northern Wyoming. On the trip, he high-lined, hobbled, led pack strings, and lived off of meadow grass. The terrain was very rugged and he handled it great; he never had any issues with soreness or lameness.

Ducky has a fantastic four-beat gate. He is so smooth you could hold a cup of coffee and not worry about spilling it. As shown in the video listed, ducky is smooth enough to gate on bareback. This horse is very easy to go from a loose reign walk to a gate and back down to a walk. He has as much go as you would ever need, all while having plenty of control. He is extremely sure-footed and rarely trips or stumbles.

Ducky is extremely calm and trusting. There is not a whole lot that scares him. Tarps, bridges, streams, rivers, deadfall, and wildlife are all no sweat for ducky. This is the kind of horse that a novice rider can get on, follow the herd, and have a fantastic time. An experienced ridge can also get on and have a fun time leading. Ducky stands to saddle and opens his mouth for the bit with no head shyness. He will go in and out of a trailer with ease and will even back out of a trailer. He is an easy keeper and stays healthy on grass or
alfalfa. He is up to date on shots and was wormed the first week of September.

If you are looking for a great trail horse that you don’t have to worry about, who will be as smooth as butter, and will take care of you, all while looking like a million bucks, then ducky might just be your next horse!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Allec Maddox
Highland, Ut 84003

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