Larry Stevens
Marshfield MO 65706


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Missouri Foxtrotter

Larry Stevens

Marshfield MO






Drumstick is a 4 year old registered MFTPR DNA’d fox trotter gelding.
All MFTPR fox trotters must be DNA’d (see his DNA papers in photos).
He is caught up on all his shots.  He is approximately 14H 1 inch tall.  He
is a very beautiful gelding with a gorgeous, thick, long mane and tail.
As far as his registration papers, you could not make up a better, more
royal set of bloodlines- having Southern Sunrise (over 700 babies) and
Missouri Traveler (over 500 babies).  Between them both they have over
1200 babies.  People don’t breed 1200 mares to stallions unless they’re
extraordinary!  And it shows in Drumstick- a very sweet disposition,
beautiful and a wonderful smooth ride!  We recommend you come in
to ride and experience Drumstick for yourself!  Please watch the video on Drumstick.

Larry Stevens
Marshfield MO 65706

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