Drummer’s Holiday Memory (Holly)

Dallon Parks & Nicole Felt
Nibley, Utah 84321


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Nicole Felt

Logan, UT







Star, Dapples

Trail riding, Liberty, Skijoring, Bareback, Bridleless, 4H


If you are looking to turn heads, ride without any worry, and have one of the greatest partners horse-kind can offer, this is your girl. Holly has been a jaw-dropper, in looks, personality, mindset, training, and all.
She will side pass, open gates, move over to mount, neck rein, ride bareback, bridleless, or without any tack, if you prefer! She is an extremely safe horse, with a personality to boot! If you need her to be calm and slow for a beginner, she can do that. If you’re looking to have some excitement and run free through the wilderness, she can also do that! When riding out on the trail, she is one of the few horses that hasn’t spooked at anything. Turkeys, deer, plastic bags, dogs, elk, you name it, she hasn’t even batted an eye or given us trouble.
Holly is quite friendly and loves to be doted on. She appreciates a good scratch and walks right up to you in the pasture (even if you’re holding a halter). She is easy to catch, saddle, bridle, load in a trailer, lead, etc. She is gentle with children and takes great care of her rider.
When riding out on the trail, she moves out nicely riding comfortably in the front, middle, or back of the pack, and covers the ground wonderfully. She will also ride out alone if you’re a solo rider. Her build makes her a comfortable ride and she walks fast, with a very nice trail gait, so you can really get places quickly. Holly has scaled numerous mountains and we haven’t found a hill she isn’t willing to climb! She will cross rivers, puddles, bridges, ravines, train tracks, crosswalks, sidewalks, curbs, shipping containers, etc. She has no problem with traffic, bikes, skateboards, pedestrians, sirens, busses, or any sort of commotion you may encounter on the road. She has proven equally safe and sane riding on city streets, as she does in the mountains or in an arena.
Holly is one of a kind with an extremely kind disposition and a big heart. Any and all are welcome to come and try her in person before the auction ends.
A $2000 non-refundable deposit is required at the end of the auction via Venmo or PayPal, with no exceptions”.. Full payment is required by the next business days of the auction’s end via wire transfer. We look forward to pairing you with your dream horse!

Dallon Parks & Nicole Felt
Nibley, Utah 84321

SOLD FOR $12,000.00

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Item condition: New

Auction expired without reaching reserve price

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Auction expired without reaching reserve price

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